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Saturday, 10 May 2014 19:14

Best Laid Plans - Mothers Day Reflections

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What do we do when our best laid plans go awry? For many, Mother's Day is not filled with flowers, cute cards and breakfast in bed. Instead, Mother's Day reminds some of what is missing, and raises questions of why.

One year ago, Pastor Mike tackled this in his Mother's Day message, and you can find that here.

Best Laid Plans   Mothers Day Message 2013 on Vimeo

Jono Eric Gardom Lake Bike 2014

Congratulations to Eric Wiens and Jono Lowe who completed a 70 kilometre Bike Ride as part of a fundraiser for our partner ministry, Gardom Lake Bible Camp! Awesome day. More on Gardom Lake's website here - 

Calling all men of KGF. . . we are excited about an opportunity to partner with a fantastic event for guys taking place Saturday May 31st, 8am - 5pm @ Trinity Baptist Church.  Details online here -  

Please contact Pastor Levi, if you are interested in being a part.  Sponsorship available.

Breathe Live Fight Wholehearted Men Conference

Friday, 09 May 2014 14:54

Why It Matters - Pregnancy Care Center

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Theresa White - Baby Bottles April 2013How can we be so privileged?

In eight years, 800 women and men have come to the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre – seeking help for broken lives and shattered dreams.

We are gifted with daily opportunities to share – in prayer, in words and in countless little acts of kindness - that Christ alone is the perfect love they’ve been so desperately seeking.

Our mother heart tuned in yesterday (April 28) to the shy, scared young woman who walked in alone, unannounced, after a positive pregnancy test at a walk-in clinic.

It took her a long while to relax. She quietly, slowly unwrapped her story – always on the move since her parents’ break-up, barely escaping alive from a marriage marked by abuse, rage, drugs, and ongoing threats and intimidation.

Thursday, 08 May 2014 23:01

AGAPE Day Story Shared in National Magazine

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"Kelowna Gospel Fellowship knows it’s not the only church to declare February “love month” or dedicate a day each February to demonstrate unconditional agape love. But it continues, through teaching and actions and meticulous organization, to make agape love part of how KGF members live beyond church walls in the community every day."

The stories behind KGF's AGAPE Day have found their way into our national magazine, the MB Herald. You can read it here -


weekly-bookkeepingKelowna Gospel Fellowship Church is receiving resumes for the position of Bookkeeper, 12 hours per week, flexible hours.  Working in a fast paced ministry environment.  Experience and education an asset. 

Full details here:

Submit resumes to, attention Human Resources.

Wednesday, 07 May 2014 22:17

Mother's Day Child Dedication - May 11

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Four families are dedicating five children this Sunday, Mother's Day, May 11th @ KGF. Love to have you join us to support the Janz's, the Wilson's, the Wiens' and the Simpsons! Sunday, 9am & 11am.

Ethan Wiens - April 2014 Ellie Wilson - May 2014 Baby DedicationKate Janz May 2014

Simpson Girls - Dedication May 2014

Tuesday, 06 May 2014 17:39

Vision & Prayer Day @ Seton House

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IMG 8884

Six members of our staff team spent the day at the Seton House of Prayer above Kettle Valley. It was an amazing time spent in scripture, reflection, prayer, and planning. Our heart is to minister out of a full heart, and God's Spirit did a great work in our midst!

Galen Bond - November 2013Want to celebrate our Technical Director, Galen Bond, who has served the KGF church family so well since coming on the team May 2013.

Galen, you always go above and beyond. Your heart for the ministry and people, and the talent and knowledge you bring to the table, is a gift to so many. Thanks for saying yes!

If you've been blessed by Galen, please drop him a note of appreciation,