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Saturday, 28 June 2014 09:52

Glass Doors in The Hub

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IMG 9483

Grateful to Ryan Kossey for installing the glass doors that lead from the HUB to the playground / back lawn of KGF.  It's so awesome to see the team come together for this important project.  We are just awaiting the lights to arrive, and anticipate having the HUB totally completed by the end of July.  Look forward to a dedication ceremony at that time!  

Saturday, 28 June 2014 09:51

Loading Up for KGF ONE - Tech

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Behind the scenes we have an amazing group of leaders & volunteers who make things happen. It's a big project to fill City Park with music / sound / staging, and we are so grateful for those who help make this happen! We're doing it so the city can know Jesus is alive and on the move! Join us Sunday June 29th, starting at 9:30am in City Park Jubilee Grandstands. More online here -

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Pastor Mike Penninga and his boys spent the day at Gardom Lake Bible Camp & Retreat Centre as they began their 40th summer of camp ministry! These pictures (more here) represent just a snapshot of the exciting opportunities that await campers, and the great work happening on the Lodge / Kitchen / Chapel building expansion!

Stay up to date on Facebook, or on their website, 

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It's exciting to see the strong relationship that continues to be built between our City Council and the church / parachurch leaders in Kelowna. It's wonderful to see the healthy interactions that take place out of mutual respect and appreciation for the piece each of us play in the community.

Here are photos from the 2014 Mayor & Council luncheon with about 50 pastors and leaders of Christian ministries.

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Could you use some real wisdom?  What would happen if we began looking at life from God's perspective?  

Join us Sundays throughout the summer, 9am & 11am, as we look at the beautiful gift of the book of Proverbs, in a series entitled "Everyday Wisdom".  All messages will also be online in video / audio / print format. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014 09:18

Overcoming Fear With Christ as Center Point

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christ-in-you thumbColossians 1:27 says that “The riches of the glory of the Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Almost every morning when I wake up I meditate on this phrase, “Christ in you, the hope of glory”

Almost without fail, as I take a few moments to quieten my heart and meditate on this phrase my heart is lifted, and I set my intentions based on this verse. I’m told Bible HOPE means; “confident expectation of the goodness of God”

I often pray, “Lord Jesus, because you dwell in me I have confident expectation of the glory of God, of the goodness of God, in my life right now, and for the whole day.”

After being involved with the “Pain of the Heart” ministry for 13 years, and having many, many one on one counselling sessions, I have found that FEAR is usually at the CENTER POINT of people who are struggling.

Knowing “Christ in you” through meditating on Colossians 1: 27 will drive out fear and allow you to experience the peace of God ruling your heart instead (COLOSSIANS 3: 15)

Errol Martens

Pregnancy Care Center - 1Once again KGF, we have been blown away by your generosity!  The 2014 Baby Bottle Campaign for the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre raised $15,193.15 (watch the video of the big reveal here from Sunday June 22) And money is still coming in!

Two words from the team @ the Pregnancy Care Centre.

“You guys have outdone yourselves once again!  We are amazed and deeply grateful for each and everyone of your generous congregation.  We feel the love that comes from them.”  Jeannie

“We feel overwhelmed at such extreme kindness and abundant generosity.  That is some dynamite expression of the Father's heart!  He says, "Those who honour me I will honour."  I just wish there were more ways to say thank you...oh for a thousand tongues!!”  Theresa

Find out more about this dynamic Christ-centered ministry that has helped more than 800 women over the past 8 years, online at  The Pregnancy Care Center is one of 6 key missions partners that KGF supports (including Gardom Lake Bible Camp, Freedom’s Door, Missionary Errol Martens, Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child, and Compassion Canada).

Thank You!  Keep putting His Kingdom first!

Pastor Mike Penninga 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 09:33

KGF ONE in City Park - Sunday June 29

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KGF ONE @ City Park this Sunday June 29th. . . come early, stay late, invite a friend! Pre-service games / giveaways / music begins at 9:30am, service at 10:00am. Bring a blanket / lawn chair / and picnic to share. Bounce houses & face painting for kids after the service, as well as sports (Frisbee / volleyball / soccer), bocce ball and so much more. See you @ KGF ONE this Sunday in City Park!

KGF Church Marquee - KGF ONE June 2014

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 19:00

Prayer & Proverbs @ Freedom's Door

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Our staff team had an incredibly moving morning visiting our partner ministry, Freedom's Door, a men's recovery home in Kelowna. We had the privilege of joining in for the daily Prayer & Proverbs sharing, and it's absolutely amazing to watch the work God is doing in these men's lives!

We're excited to share some tangible ways you can help support this great work over the coming weeks & months.

More online here -

Freedoms Door June 2014


Tuesday, 24 June 2014 18:54

Living Water!

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Each time our Board gathers, we spend the first portion of the evening in scripture & prayer.  Grateful for the following devotional shared by Millie Blacklock, on the importance of God’s living water in our lives. 


When God created us he made us dependent on oxygen, and food, and light, and water ... and he supplied all of these things for us in abundance. He also created us with spiritual needs, and again his resources are abundant. One of the basic needs in our lives is water.

One of my favorite things to do when I visit the ocean is to sit and watch the waves roll in and break on the rocks. What awesome power! And just think of all the life that is found in the ocean!

Many times I have hiked through the Rocky Mountains and enjoyed the peacefulness and the awesome beauty of crystal clear lakes, and majestic waterfalls.

I have never been lost and thirsty in a desert, but I can imagine how it would feel to find a little spring, or a small creek, and how good the water would taste as it quenched my thirst.

The Bible has a lot to say about water. . .