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KGF is committed to revealing the relevancy of the Bible in our everyday life.  Our weekly sermons seek to do just that, bringing our lives back in line with God's heart for us.  You are able to watch the messages here, as well as download full message transcripts, personal reflection notes & questions.  You can also watch all our video messages online here:   Or sign up for our podcast at Itunes, and get the most recent messages downloaded directly to your computer.

Sunday, 20 November 2011 08:11

The Prodigal God - Part 6 - Feast of the Father

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The story of the Bible is the story of the lost coming home.  As we wrap up our six week journey through the parable of the prodigal from Luke 15, Pastor Mike paints a picture of what it means to be welcomed home, to have a place at the feast.  To help do that, we tell the story of Rembrandt's painting "The Return of the Prodigal", and the impact of a Father who welcomes the lost with open arms.
Thursday, 10 November 2011 10:31

Prodigal God - Part 5 - The True Elder Brother

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Have you ever wondered who should've gone looking for the younger son?  Who should've gone out to bring him home?  The answer is the elder brother.  That was his job.  But he didn't do it.  Because he didn't want to.  But we have a true elder brother who has gone on a rescue mission to bring us home.   His name is Jesus.  We need one who wouldn't just go into a far country, but who would come all the way from heaven to earth to find us.  We need one who would not just open up his wallet for us, but pour out his life.  One who would pay not just a finite cost but an infinite debt, to bring us back into God's family.  Thank God we do. . . His name is Jesus!

In part 5 of our 6 part message on the Prodigal God, Pastor Mike looks at the high cost of salvation, and who ultimately has paid that cost!

Sunday, 06 November 2011 17:46

The Prodigal God - Part 4 - The Elder Brother

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As we continue our walk through the most amazing parable found in Luke 15, guest preacher Wayne Laurie focuses our attention on the Elder Brother.
Thursday, 27 October 2011 10:48

Prodigal God - Part 3 - Two Ways To Be Lost

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There are two ways to be alienated from the Father. . . one is by wanting the Father's things, and getting them by going away and being very very bad.  The other is by wanting the Father's things, but getting them by staying home and being very very good.  Shocking?  Absolutely.  And that is the core of the Parable of the Prodigal in Luke 15.  In Part 3 of our 6 part series, Pastor Mike turns our attention to the two brothers, their similarities and heart condition, and what in the end will keep you and me out of the feast!
Sunday, 23 October 2011 08:21

Prodigal God - Part 2 - He Welcomes Sinners!

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In most religions, we search for God.  Only Christianity has God searching for us!  

We are spending 6 weeks looking at one chapter of scripture, Luke 15, Jesus’ account of lost sheep, lost coins, and lost sons. It’s called “The Prodigal God” because of the recklessly extravagant nature of our heavenly father to bring us home, sparing no expense. In this message, Pastor Mike Penninga turns our attention to the amazing truth that Jesus welcomes sinners! In fact, He goes in search of them. May you find yourself in this amazing story of salvation today.

Saturday, 15 October 2011 22:46

The Prodigal God - Part 1 - The Parable

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“For my son was lost, and now he’s found!” Those are some of the most amazing words we read in scripture. We sing songs about it.  We write stories about it. . . the lost coming home. We dream about it for our own lives, in our own families.

My whole life, I have loved this parable, found in Luke 15. What’s not to love? A wayward son comes back home to a father who is waiting for him. Not only waiting, but a father who runs to him, embraces him, and welcomes him back into the family.

But I believe my entire life I have missed perhaps the real purpose of the parable. And maybe you are like me. Because this father had two sons. And in reality, both sons were lost. And the story was told by Jesus to an audience of elder brothers as well as younger brothers.

Join us as we begin an incredible study into the Prodigal God of the Bible, the one who reaches out with “reckless extravagance” to bring the lost home. In this, Part 1, Pastor Mike looks at the big picture of this most amazing parable in Luke 15, and what it teaches us about human nature and the God we most desperately need. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011 07:34

Forgetting Thankfulness?

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I love it when our culture pushes us towards Godly things.  That's the case with Thanksgiving weekend, a time set aside to intentionally reflect on what we have and how we are to live thankful lives.  In this message by Pastor Mike, we look at an example in scripture of a group of lepers who received a great gift from Jesus, and the response of one of them to come back to show his appreciation.  At the end of the day, there's a difference between being thankful and expressing your thankfulness!  How are you doing in this area?

Ever thought of yourself as a "priest"?  That word probably evokes images of someone in a formal collar, receiving "confessions" from church-goers.  But in the Bible, God invites all of us into the role of "priest".  In this final message in our three part series "Living Beyond Myself" Pastor Jinger Goma unpacks what it means to take up the role of a priest in kingdom terms, and how there is room for each of us at the table!

Do you love gifts? Me too! The good news is we have a God who loves giving good gifts! And today, as we continue in our series “Living Beyond Myself”, we look at how we are Gifted for a Reason.  The two question questions:  What gift has God given you, and how are you using that gift to build His kingdom?

You can download the Spiritual Gifts Inventory that Pastor Mike talks about in the message by clicking here:

If people looked at your life, would they say you are living with a mirror or a window? Is life all about you (the mirror) or do you live for the good of others (window)? We begin a three-week series designed to turn us from the mirror (about us) to the window (about others). We begin by looking at Jesus, who both taught and modeled what it means to live beyond yourself. Join Pastor Mike as we look at the role the “bib” and the “towel” play in your life, as you discover the joy of servant-hearted living!


Sunday, 11 September 2011 13:22

Kickoff Sunday! Roots Matter

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As we launch our Fall ministry season at KGF, we come back to the importance of healthy roots!  Roots matter!  Unless we take care of the roots, the tree won't be healthy. 

In this vision casting message, Pastor Mike shows what it means to sink our roots deep into God's soil!  So here's the key question: how are your roots doing?  

We are a generation that is moved by personal testimonies. There is power in someone’s story.   Movies, books, and the latest gadget is released to “rave reviews” from those who have used the product and been changed forever. Advertisers know that people relate to the real life experiences of other human beings like them. Testimonies are powerful.

As we wrap up our 10 week summer series, “More than a Miracle”, we come face to face with this truth: there is power in the story of a transformed life. People may deny the Bible, and mock your church, but they cannot honestly ignore a changed life. They have to explain it somehow. And your testimony can draw people to Jesus. Join Pastor Mike Penninga as we meet a blind man in John 9.

Sunday, 28 August 2011 17:27

More than a Miracle - Part 9 - There Is Hope!

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Where does your hope lie?  In what, or whom, have you placed your hope?  In today's message by guest preacher, Ronnie Zerr, we come face to face with a man who for 38 years felt the sting and pain of hope deferred.  But then he met Jesus.  If you have wondered whether Jesus sees you. . . he does.  If you have wondered whether Jesus cares for you. . . he does.  If you have ever questioned whether Jesus is able. . . he is!  Be encouraged.  There is hope!

Have you ever wondered if you’re too small for Jesus to notice? You’re not a big deal in anybody’s books, you have nothing special going for you. You’re easy to overlook. Maybe Jesus focuses on more important people.

Good news.  Throughout his ministry, we see Jesus was for the outcast.  Our God is the God of the Outcast. In part 8 of our 10 part summer series “More than a Miracle”, Pastor Mike draws our focus to an outcast named Bartimaeus who had lots going against him, but one thing going for him. . .Jesus! Let’s dive in together

There is a difference between seeing the miracles of Jesus and experiencing the miracles of Jesus personally. It is possible to see Jesus’ power and still push him away. Today’s story brings that into crystal clarity. As we continue our summer series “More Than a Miracle”, we find ourselves on a hillside overlooking the Sea of Galilee, witnessing a collision of darkness and light. And the winner. . . is guaranteed!

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