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KGF is committed to revealing the relevancy of the Bible in our everyday life.  Our weekly sermons seek to do just that, bringing our lives back in line with God's heart for us.  You are able to watch the messages here, as well as download full message transcripts, personal reflection notes & questions.  You can also watch all our video messages online here:   Or sign up for our podcast at Itunes, and get the most recent messages downloaded directly to your computer. 


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Of all of Jesus' parables, the Good Samaritan is perhaps the most practical.  It's not enough to not our agreement, it requires a life of response.  Message by Monty Scott

We find ourselves face to face with a powerful picture of persistent prayer.  Prayer really does make a difference!  Prayer draws the ears of our Heavenly Father.  

As we continue our walk this summer through the Parables of Jesus, we come face to face with the extravagant love of your Heavenly Father. The title that came to me has been a phrase that I have meditated on all week: Grasping the Generosity of God. We are looking at a story told by Jesus that speaks to His extraordinary grace. Together we will discover why it’s a great thing that God doesn’t treat us fairly from an earthly perspective. 

What would you say is your most valuable treasure?  What would it take for you to give it up?  What if you discovered something even more valuable?

This is the question Jesus poses in today's parable from Matthew 13.  We are going on a treasure hunt to find out the greatest treasure we can possibly attain: the kingdom of heaven!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 08:52

Parables - Part 1 - "Life As Dirt" Matthew 13

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Over the years, I've had opportunity to share about Jesus with lots of people, and it never ceases to amaze me their varied responses.  Some flatly refuse.  Others quickly respond, but then wilt away.  Still others seem to get side-tracked mid-way along the journey.  And another group goes on to accomplish much for the kingdom of God. There are lots of times I am frustrated that not everyone responds to the Gospel message with the same vigor and excitement. I want everyone to bear much fruit. But it doesn’t seem to be that way. That’s what Jesus is talking about today.  I hope you're okay playing the role as "dirt", because that's what you are in this parable!  Our receptiveness to the Gospel is represented by four types of soil.  The key distinguishing factor of good soil, as we will discover today, is that it produces a harvest.  What type of spiritual fruit is being produced in your life?

Due to technical difficulties, the video from today's message did not work, and the audio is pulled from an earlier message preached by Pastor Mike at Willow Park Church.  

Sunday, 24 June 2012 14:23

Awesome God! Psalm 24 - Monty Scott

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Sometimes we forget that the Gospel Message doesn't start and end with four Gospels.  In this message, Monty Scott unpacks a powerful Psalm and shows how the awesomeness of God is revealed from Genesis to Revelation.  And it all points to Him!

Saturday, 16 June 2012 18:52

"Courageous Living" - Fathers Day 2012

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What does it mean to live "Courageously" in this day and age?  How can men step up to the call of God on their lives in two key areas: loving faithfulness to your spouse and Godly influence on your children?

Jumping off of the blockbuster movie "Courageous", Pastor Mike walks us through God's amazing call to a courageous life!

Sunday, 10 June 2012 21:32

Is Jesus Dangerous?

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This 8 minute devotional was shared by Pastor Mike Penninga at our outdoor KGF ONE celebration service in Kelowna City Park on Sunday June 10th.  The key question: What are you going to do with Jesus?

God blesses you to increase your standard of giving, not your standard of living.

How does that statement sit with you?  What is God's perspective when it comes to "generosity"?

We conclude our three part series “God’s Treasure Principles” by turning our attention to what it means to live generously. If we are stewards and not owners, and if God is calling us to be faithful managers of what isn’t ours in the first place, then what part does giving have to play in the big picture? As Randy Alcorn writes in “The Treasure Principle”, we can’t take it with us, but we can send it ahead!

Download the Message Manuscript below: 

We turn our hearts today to part two of our three week series “God’s Treasure Principles”, asking the question, “What does it mean to be a faithful manager of those things God has entrusted to me as steward?” This message will be practical in the areas of earning, giving, saving, spending, and debt. The truth is how we handle the area of finances says a lot about the role God plays in our lives!

We launch a new three part series Sunday May 20th entitled "God's Treasure Principles", asking ourselves the question, "Why does God care so much about how we handle our money?" The reality is God has more to say on the topic of money and possessions than any other topic in scripture, other than His own identity! As we launch into it, Pastor Mike wrestles with the question of "Ownership" vs. "Stewardship", and the cosmic tug-of-war between the pull of culture and the pull of the mind & heart of God!

Thursday, 10 May 2012 13:16

Mother's Day - Legacy of Faith

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Moms. . . your greatest legacy will not be your amazing meals or fantastic crafts or creative birthday parties.

Your legacy will not be what kind of a home you kept or the multi-tasking gifts you carried.

Your greatest legacy will be the faith breadcrumbs that you lay down for your kids to follow on their path to Jesus.

How do you handle opposition? What do you do when people take shots at you because of your faith? Those are the big questions we want to unpack as we wrap up our four week series “Faith Under Fire” based on the life of Daniel.

Sunday, 29 April 2012 08:21

Faith Under Fire - Part 3 - First Response

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What’s your first response when face to face with an unexpected, shocking situation?  What’s your first response when faced with a crisis?   As we continue our look at the life of Daniel in this series "Faith Under Fire", we find ourselves with a great example of a First Response that makes a difference.

Saturday, 21 April 2012 21:30

Faith Under Fire - Part 2 "Heat"

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How would you do when faced with the choice of keeping your faith or your life? That question seems so far from our daily lives, but perhaps the principles are the same. I’m excited to have a good friend of mine (and great preacher!), Monty Scott, bring us Part 2 of our 4 part series “Faith Under Fire” based on the book of Daniel. Here, we turn our attention to one of the best known stories of the Old Testament, a true test of faith under fire.

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