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Sunday, 17 February 2013 13:55

Love In Action - Part 3 - Love Wins!

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When all is said and done, what will people remember about your life?  What will they say about after you are gone?  What will you be known for?

May I suggest that you give your life to two things?  Loving God and Loving Others.

As we wrap up our series “Love In Action: Refuse To Do Nothing”, Pastor Mike once again draws us to the core of life as a follower: Love.  If we claim to know God but do not love, we are fooling ourselves. 

So what does this look like in a tangible way?  And how can we be part of the side where “Love is Winning!”  Dive in and find out.

Sometimes the problems of the world seem overwhelming.  Where do we start?  What do we do?  Who do we help?

Welcome to Compassion Sunday @ KGF!  We are so excited about this because you and I have a tangible opportunity to put our Love in Action, to Refuse to do Nothing!  That’s the series we are a part of right now, in what we are calling our Month of Love at KGF. 

Compassion has captured my heart for their incredible work in the lives of 1.4.  million children around the world.  I love their motto: “Poverty requires an eternal solution.”  So true!  And the great news is that we can partner with this amazing organization to see lives truly changed. 

This message with Pastor Mike is called “Love Costs”, and we are in Luke 10, the story of the Good Samaritan, and Jesus’ invitation to “Go and do likewise.”  We can indeed carry the love of Christ with us wherever we go.  Let’s dive in!

Friday, 01 February 2013 08:51

Love In Action - Part 1 - Love Acts: 58

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Jesus said the world would know we are his disciples by our _____________

Church attendance?  Bible reading?  The kind of clothes we wear?  The kinds of music we listen to?

The answer is the world will know we are His disciples by our “love”

Think about it. . . How can you see someone’s love?  There must something on the outside, not just the inside.  There must be a tangibleness to it, it must have movement and action. 

Pastor Mike begins a new series entitled “Love In Action: Refuse To Do Nothing” by reminding us that our faith is meant to be walked out in tangible acts of love.  And despite the problems that seem to overwhelm our world, we are to partner with God and refuse to do nothing!  Join in as we embark on a Month of Love at KGF

As we conclude our series "For Such A Time As This", Pastor Jinger looks at how small acts can have big impact.  Using the amazing story of Jesus washing his disciples feet in John 13, Jinger reminds us that we serve an upside down kingdom where the first are last and the last are first.  Powerful message filled with personal stories and tangible action steps.  

Do you believe that God placed you here “For Such A Time As This”?  I absolutely do, and today, we are continuing our series of the same name, asking the question, “What’s In Your Hand?”  It’s not there by accident, and it’s always more useful in God’s service than our own.  Don’t miss what God wants to invite you into 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 09:53

For Such A Time As This - Part 1 - The Dash

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Why did God place you here on earth? Why are you in your workplace, on your street, in your condominium? Why has He given you this sphere of influence?

Truth is, none of it is an accident. He has placed you here for such a time as this! You are here for a reason. And the goal of life is to discover how you can partner with God to accomplish His purpose in you and through you.

We don't exist just to put in time. We exist to invest our lives in that which lasts beyond the grave!

Pastor Mike Penninga begins a three week series by looking at how we're going to invest our lives, the "dash" between our birth and death.

I love new beginnings and fresh starts, and New Years seems to represent that in our culture.  As we look ahead to a blank calendar, we want to ask, “What is God up to in our lives, in our church, in our world?”  And “How am I to prepare for what God wants to accomplish in me and through me?”

I call this first message our “State of the Church” address.  We want to ground ourselves on the right foundation, and prayerfully consider what God wants to build on that foundation for 2013.  

As a church family, we are captivated by the mission God has placed in front of us, to Know Jesus & Make Him Known.  When you wake up every day, we pray that mission captivates your own life.  We want it to be the foundation of this church family.  The vision is how we want to walk out our mission, to create places of belonging where people can discover Jesus and be equipped to follow Him. KGF is about more than simply attending. . . it’s about belonging.  It’s about not being alone.  We hope you will say yes to that in 2013.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why does Christmas matter?”  I mean, it has to be more than the turkey and presents and decorations and relatives coming over for a visit.

The good news is that Christmas matters more than you can imagine.  And in this message from the Christmas Eve 2012 service at the Kelowna Community Theatre, Pastor Mike helps shine a light on the real reason Christmas matters. . . God came near!

The week after Christmas is a bit of a blur, as we try to process what just happened.  Guest preacher Levi Simpson helps us pause to reflect on the difference Christmas makes in our daily lives, and how we can live it out moving into 2013.  

I love the fact that Christmas comes after the shortest day of the year. . . it means that the darkness is going away, the light is coming. In fact, Christmas means the light has broken through!

As we conclude our four week Road to Christmas, walking through the one year leading up to the birth of Jesus, we find ourselves face to face with a powerful prophetic word from Zechariah. You may recall Zechariah was the elderly father of John the Baptist, who would be the fore-runner of the Messiah.

And in the end, we see that the road to Christmas is not so much one we travel to Him, but one He travelled to come near to us!

Sunday, 16 December 2012 13:31

The Road to Christmas - Part 3 - Magnificent!

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"How my soul praises the Lord.  How my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!"

These are the words that begin Mary's amazing song of praise in Luke 1:46, and are the focus of Part 3 of our December series, "The Road to Christmas". 

Excited to have Monty Scott open the word of God for us, as we look at the meeting of a young, pregnant Mary and an elderly, pregnant Elizabeth. . . for nothing is impossible with God!

As we continue our special four-week Christmas series based in Luke 1, we find ourselves face to face with a teenage girl who answered a very uncomfortable call from God.  Our heart is to peel back the glossiness of the season and re-discover the raw emotions and difficulties faced by ordinary people used by God on the Road to Christmas.  


Sunday, 02 December 2012 13:00

The Road to Christmas - Part 1 - Yes God Can!

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This Christmas, we want to spend one month in one chapter, Luke 1, as we meet four people who had the unique viewpoint as eyewitnesses to the most important birth ever.  No, it’s not the shepherd or the wise men or even the angels, but an old, formerly childless couple, a young teenage girl, and a wild man who would prepare the way for the Savior of the world.  And along the way we’ll find that Christmas really is about faith in a God who goes to extraordinary measures to bring us back to Himself.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012 13:53

You've Got Mail - Part 7 - Open The Door

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Doors are so common that we don’t even think much about them.  But in this message, Pastor Mike unpacks Jesus’ use of the door as a powerful metaphor for our spiritual journey.

Doors are entry-ways.  They are the place of welcome to our inner world.  They are symbolic of transitions, from outside to inside, from one environment to another.  

As we wrap up our seven week series on the seven letters to the churches in Revelation, we come face to face with the ultimate invitation, to Open the Door!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 07:14

You've Got Mail - Part 6 - Made Into A Masterpiece

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Did you know that it is Jesus' heart to make you into His masterpiece?  As we continue our 7 week look at the 7 letters to the churches in Revelation, Pastor Jinger draws our attention to the church in Philadelphia.  

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