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These videos were created by us here at KGF and incorporated into our services.  May they continue to have impact through the medium of the internet.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015 09:26

Is Jesus Too Narrow?

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One of the most controversial statements of Jesus is his claim to be the way, the truth and the life.  It seems so narrow in our world that embraces options and multiple pathways.  In this 3 minute clip from the larger message, "Are You Okay With The Way?", Pastor Mike shows us another way to look at these powerful words, which actually speak about God's amazing love and provision on our behalf.  

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 07:31

Room For Art - Shari Laurie

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Pastor Mike puts on the apron to learn a few lessons about art with Shari Laurie in her art room. We love how God is developing this aspect of worship and creativity in our midst at KGF, and want to invite you to participate. Find out more in this video, and by emailing 

Monday, 09 March 2015 09:22

My Story Still Unfolding:: Rebecca from CBC

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A lot of young adults are on a journey to find their true identity and place in this world.  Perhaps that is you.  Here's the story of Rebecca who discovered God's love and purpose for her life through a community of people halfway across the country.  More about Columbia Bible College on their website, 

Friends, I don't do this very often, but I believe this coming Sunday has such potential to impact lives that I don't want you to miss out, or those who you know and love. More in this 99 second video. See you at KGF, 8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am, or online,  

Saturday, 07 March 2015 00:00

Bolivia Bound for Spring Break Missions

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Four of our KGF family members are heading to Bolivia during Spring Break for a two week missions trip, along with 10 high school students from Kelowna Christian School.  Teachers Daryl Klassen & Ian Sharp, along with Jason & Rachel Erickson, will be part of a team ministering with El Jordán, found in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, March 15-28.  More in this short interview video and prayer time, full details online here:

It's amazing how one event can absolutely shape the course of our lives.  Pastor Mike shares one such experience that involved an unexpected foot washing at a pivotal moment.  What does it look like to now carry this same mindset and ministry wherever we go?  Part of a larger message, "Embracing the Servant's Towel", online here:

We love how God has expanded our reach through video and the website, and a lot of that is due to Galen Bond, our technical director, and the amazing group of men & women who serve so faithfully. And now we have room for you to step into this exciting ministry, running a video camera, mixing the video for the web, operating the media slides, helping with sound. In this short video interview, you'll hear more from Galen, and you can reach him via email, 

We love sharing the stories of our KGF church family who are taking steps of obedience and kingdom impact around the world.  Here, Pastor Mike takes a few minutes with Jono & Jayna Lowe in advance of their very exciting missions trip to Kenya to help provide safe drinking water to an under-resourced area of the country.  

Several times a year we come together as a church family with no agenda other than to worship the Lord and turn our hearts to Him in prayer. You can join in through this video, made of the KGF ONE Voice Praise & Prayer Night that took place Sunday February 8, 2015. Worship team includes Christina Wiens, Connor Murdock, Lindsay Durant, Laura Wilson, Jon Dunville, David Fairfield, and Caleb McAlpine.

Worship Songs:

All Who Are Thirsty

Psalm 13 - How Long Oh Lord?

Lord I Need You


Beautiful Things


Healing is In Your Hands


In this 60 second video, Pastor Mike & Pastor Levi invite all of you to the Table, an awesome potluck event taking place this Sunday February 22nd, 5pm in the HUB @ KGF.  This is a great place to meet people, chat with the pastoral team, hear the heart of KGF, enjoy some good food and laughs.  Open to the whole family.  Whether you're brand new or have called KGF your home for years, this is an event for you!  Bring some food to share with 6-8 people, and join us at The Table this Sunday! 

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