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These videos were created by us here at KGF and incorporated into our services.  May they continue to have impact through the medium of the internet.


43 kids made commitments to Christ at week 1 of Gardom Lake' 40th summer of ministry.  Fantastic!  Here, Pastor Mike reveals a new way of celebrating and praying for these kids, as well as an opportunity to partner with an exciting "Raise the Roof" Fundraising campaign.  The goal?  $40,000 on Big Give Sunday August 24th.

Video with Pastor Mike below, more details online here:

Watch 8 minute video interview with Mike & Rikk Kieft from Gardom Lake

One of the most moving experiences we've had recently as a staff is joining the men of our partner ministry, "Freedom's Door" for their morning "Prayer & Proverbs".  The power and honesty of these men, and the relevance of the Proverbs they were reading, left a lasting impression on all of us. 

Here, Pastor Mike takes a few minutes with one of the key teachers / mentors, Lloyd McClelland, about the power of Prayer & Proverbs to transform lives! 

More on their website,


Thursday, 03 July 2014 11:01

Two Baptisms in Okanagan Lake - June 29, 2014

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It was exciting to be present for Joel & Paul's baptism Sunday June 29th in Okanagan Lake.

Gardom Lake Bible Camp

“Raise the Roof” Campaign
Big Give Sunday – August 24, 2014

As many of you are aware, Gardom Lake Bible Camp broke ground in June for a much needed expansion project which will double the size of the current Lodge, allowing for a new kitchen and chapel. The expansion will mean Gardom Lake can feed as many as it can sleeps, 250, as well as be able to have everybody in one space for worship / teaching / large group gatherings.

Every summer, Gardom Lake welcomes 1,200 plus campers, many of them from a non-Christian background. And every summer, hundreds come to know Jesus and many more grow deeper in their walk with him. The ministry also welcomes guests throughout the year for various retreats and gatherings.

KGF supports Gardom Lake’s ministry as one of our six key missions partners. And this August, we are going to invite you to give generously so the camp can have the money needed to put the roof on this expansion. Our goal is an ambitious one, the largest campaign we have ever undertaken. But we believe the KGF family can do it if we pull together. For Gardom Lake’s 40th year, and for this important building project, we are looking to raise $40,000! That seems overwhelming, but the history of this church family seems to suggest otherwise.

But to do this, we really do need everyone to play their part. With 400 families represented at KGF, that’s $100 each. Of course many of you can do much more than that, and some of you are able to give less. But we invite you to give, as the Bible says, generously in proportion to your ability.

Example of how we could reach fundraising goal:
2 people - $2,500 = $5,000
10 people - $1,000 = $10,000
24 people - $500 = $12,000
80 people - $100 = $8,000
100 people - $50 = 5,000

Each week we will share God stories that are happening, as well as give updates on the building project. Would you prayerfully consider your part of this campaign?

Lots more to come! Stay tuned.

Pastor Mike Penninga 

Pray – For the staff & campers, and for this building project
Go – Take some time this summer to drive up to the camp and have a tour
Give – Big Give Sunday August 24th 


How do you summarize a morning of celebration in just 3 minutes? We tried in this short music video, with highlights from KGF ONE in City Park Sunday June 29th. Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a fantastic day!


"Malcolm came from across the sanctuary and said, "excuse me, so sorry to interrupt, but God gave me a verse to tell you Kevin." As he flipped through highlighted page after highlighted page, he landed on Psalm 46:10 which reads: " Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the Earth." Well, naturally, my eyes started discharging and I was overwhelmed with confirmation that I was hearing from God but just didn't recognize his voice before. God had answered my prayer before it was even prayed!"

Loved hearing from Kevin Dreger at the KGF ONE Celebration Service in City Park. Here's his testimony

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 16:04

Finding God At 50 - My Story, Randy

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"Somewhere between Beaverdell and Kelowna, I surrendered my life to Jesus doing 100 km/h in my car. There were many tears as I, in my own way, asked for forgiveness. What I remember the most about that moment and carry with me today is an immediate and very deep and complete sense of peace."

What a privilege to hear from Randy Runzer at KGF ONE Celebration Service in City park about how Christ got a hold of his life. Watch Randy's share his story here. 


We are grateful to have the summer staff team with us in advance of Gardom Lake Bible Camp's 40th summer of ministry!

Great things are happening at camp (still space for your kids / grandkids / friends), and we want to continue to uphold in prayer and generous support this amazing kingdom venture. 


Sunday, 22 June 2014 16:16

Baby Bottle Campaign - 2014 "Big Reveal"

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So awesome to be able to share the total number raised for the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Center in the 2014 Baby Bottle Campaign. 

More online,  

When you think of it, being entrusted with a brand new life can be so overwhelming.  And that's why we love it when parents come before God and their church family to symbolically surrender and ask for help in the days / months / years to come. 

We love baby dedications, which are better understood as "parent-dedications".  Here, Pastor Mike comes alongside Nathan & Alana Copp, and their baby boy Fraser, and Chris & Erin Siebring, and their daughter Isabelle and son Drew.  

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