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These videos were created by us here at KGF and incorporated into our services.  May they continue to have impact through the medium of the internet.


KGF is starting a brand new, 3 part series January 12th entitled "More Than A Morning: Living a Life of Worship".  Here, Pastor Mike & Pastor Rolly share a bit about what is ahead, and why it is so foundational for our church family

Thursday, 02 January 2014 09:14

City Wide Week of Prayer - January 12-17, 2014

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We want to start 2014 off right, by gathering with other believers from other church families and uniting our hearts before God!  Join us January 12-17 for the fourth annual City-Wide Week of Prayer!  Details in this 90 second video

As we launch into a new year at KGF, we are excited for some of the facility changes that will be taking place, including the creation of the Hub!  This will be a beautiful, updated space that currently encompasses our gym, and will be a fantastic addition to our ministry groups.  But to get there, we need to deconstruct our temporary nursery / parenting room.  Here's where you come in, Saturday January 11th.  

Here's Pastor Mike with a 3 minute video explanation.  Let us know that you can join us by emailing 


We love celebrating and blessing families as they welcome little ones into their home. Here, Pastor Mike comes alongside the Avison's, and baby Noah, as well as the Sanbrooks with baby Poppy. From December 22, 2013 services @ KGF. Avison's off the top, the Sanbrooks start at 5 minutes 30 seconds.


Monday, 30 December 2013 20:47

Kent Family - Honduras Missions Trip Amazing!

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We love following up with individuals who have been on missions, and thus this video with the Kent family, who spent Christmas 2013 in Honduras serving through a local ministry by giving out food and shoes.  Here's Mark, Julie, Abigail, Parker & Naomi on what happened!  

You can watch the video from before they left here -

Sunday, 29 December 2013 20:01

Celebrating Judy von Hollen!

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We wanted to take time to say thanks for the great service Judy von Hollen has provided to this church family for the past six years. Judy, your love for others and your servant heart has been an absolute joy, and you have helped shape the DNA of our church family. Enjoy this new season of retirement! You are loved! 

Saturday, 28 December 2013 21:04

Relive Christmas Eve Drama

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You can relive our Christmas in the City drama here!  A couple preparing for Christmas extend kindness to a young dad who is facing a difficult season.  Find out how the key messages of Christmas are driven home: you are not alone, you are loved, and there is hope!  

Thanks to Ken, Donna & Ray for their excellent work, as well as Janet for directing and co-writing, and Kelsey for pulling so many pieces together! 

Saturday, 28 December 2013 21:01

Watch the Full Christmas in the City Event here!

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We have posted the full, 55 minute Christmas in the City event here!  


For many people, Christmas is a crazy busy season of rushing, buying, baking, preparing, wrapping and more.  We acknowledge that, and wanted to create a one-hour space to pause, reflect, and remember what Christmas really means.

Our desire is to give you an opportunity to be reminded about how Christmas changes everything.  Through music, drama, video, and reflection, we unwrap three gifts, three truths that Christmas really did bring.  You are not alone, you are loved, and there is hope!


Friday, 20 December 2013 13:51

The Christmas Story - Starring the Kids @ KGF

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We asked the kids of Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church to tell the story of Jesus' birth in their own words. Some of their answers were funny, some cute, and others were surprisingly accurate to the real story in the Bible (Gospels of Matthew and Luke).

Thank you to all of the volunteers, parents, and kids who were involved in the making of this video!


Christmas in the City is almost here and you are invited! Here's a 2 minute promo video we shot @ the theatre that describes what you can expect. Watch & pass along to a friend who you'd love to join you! It's going to be an amazing evening, Tuesday December 24th, 4:30 & 6:00pm at the Kelowna Community Theatre downtown in the heart of our great city!

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