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Cosmic Tug of War - Treasure Principle Illustration

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Tug of War Tug of War KGF Church

Every day you and I are engaged in a cosmic tug-of-war over the issue of stuff.  There is the pull of culture and the pull of the mind/heart of God.  Which one is winning in your life?  Which one are you feeding?

Here's the results of our onstage illustration!

Cosmic Tug of War - Treasure Principle Illustration KGF Church
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Mike Penninga

Mike Penninga is first a foremost a son of God, a husband of Michelle, a father of 3, and a pretty good tennis player. A grad of Trinity Western University and ACTS seminary with a background in broadcast journalism, Mike has a passion for sharing the life changing news of Jesus Christ in understandable and captivating ways. He has been the lead pastor at KGF since March 2009.