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These videos were created by us here at KGF and incorporated into our services.  May they continue to have impact through the medium of the internet.


Tuesday, 02 September 2014 15:09

Build Your Life On The Corner Of Your Land!

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As part of the message, "Travelling Companions" in our summer series on Proverbs, Pastor Mike shared a powerful picture of the value of living life in community. It comes from the experiences of early American homesteaders, who quickly learned some lessons about the importance of travelling companions! Full message online here:

As part of our Family Sunday, we invited several kids to pray for Pastor Mike just before he opened God's word. The result was simply beautiful! Here's Elijah Schmaling and siblings Charlotte, Gavin & Greyson Rowland. 


It's amazing to see how God can impact our lives through the bold men & women He brings around us! Here's Adam's story.

by Ethan Delichte


What if you could invest your life and share your learned wisdom with those who are coming up after you?  KGF's Youth / Young Adults Pastor Marcus Schmaling hears from two leaders who are doing just that, and lets you know that there's room for you!  Drop Marcus an email,, and then join him and others Tuesday September 9th, 7pm @ KGF for a very important Vision Night for this coming ministry season! 


What would happen if you invited someone to check out KGF, but they couldn’t find a place to park?  What if you could do something about that?

The good news is you (and I) can! 

As we move to three services Sunday September 7th, we know that our parking lot is going to be a busy place, with people and cars coming and going.  The reality is we only have 100 parking spots on the KGF Church Campus, corner of Gordon & Casorso.  The good news, there are 35 more spots available with easy access in and out just a four minute walk away at Casorso Elementary School.

So here’s the “ask”.  If you are able, would you walk a block for Jesus?  Can you make the choice to park at Casorso School and walk 4 minutes to the Sanctuary?  For every person who does that, we open up a spot in our parking lot for a newcomer, a senior, or a mom with a newborn.  It’s a sacrifice no doubt, but small in the big scale of things.

If you serve on any capacity at KGF which keeps you on campus for more than one service, (Worship / Tech / Kids / Front Lines) we especially need you to park at Casorso. 

I am committing to do this with you.  Let’s create a parking revolution in Jesus’ name (okay, a bit much) 

Walk a block for Jesus, and to free up a parking spot for someone who is new to KGF.  You are awesome! 


Thursday, 28 August 2014 09:24

Bible College Bound - Cassidy Acheson

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Graduation was just the beginning for this KGF Young Adult. Next up is a 8 month discipleship journey called "Praxis" at Columbia Bible College that she hopes will shape the rest of her life. Here's Cassidy with KGF Youth / Young Adults Pastor Marcus Schmaling. More about Columbia online, 


Anniversaries are a great time of reflection and looking ahead.  For Monty Scott and EPIC City Church, it's been one year since they opened their doors and began building a strong Gospel-centered church family.  In this video with Pastor Mike, Monty reflects on the lessons, victories, learnings, and growth areas, and what's on the horizon. 

More on their website,

It was a record breaking summer at Gardom Lake Bible Camp in so many ways. Nearly 1300 campers, 243 first time commitments, hundreds of spiritual decisions, 110 leaders, and one amazing God!

We were grateful to hear from Morgan Taylor, Gardom Lake Program Director, as he recapped summer at camp, and we together invited the KGF church family to generously contribute to the Raise the Roof Campaign, with a goal of $40,000. How did you do? Stay tuned for the great news!

You can still give directly online at  or by dropping your donation off at the office, or on Sunday August 31st @ KGF's services.  


Sunday, 24 August 2014 19:28

David Roy - Ministering On The Ice Rink

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Sometimes we think ministry takes place on a church campus, or is limited to pastors. For Dave Roy, ministry takes place at an ice rink, and is open to everyone who loves Jesus!

With experience at all levels of hockey, including as skating coach with the Philadelphia Flyers, Dave has had the privilege and opportunity to come alongside the best players in the world. But his greatest desire is to impact their character, and to shine Jesus.

David takes a time out with Mike Penninga to bring us up to speed on his hockey school, Pursuit of Excellence.

If you are looking for a great ministry / service opportunity, Dave and his team are looking for Billeting Families for the 2014 / 2015 hockey season.

More on their website -

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 14:12

Investing in a Kids Eternity - Kids @ KGF

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One of the greatest joys and opportunities is investing in the next generation.  In this 2 minute video, Sue Gagnon shares why she is committed to Kids Ministries @ KGF, and why you would benefit from stepping up as well!  Interested?  Email Pastor Jamie Roy, or call the church office, 250-763-6553.  

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