Steve K

When asked about “What is God doing in your life” to answer it honestly we might have to re-phrase it and ask “What are we letting God do in our life?” Over the past 2 years in particular, Jordin and I have experienced the patience and undying love God but not without exacting every attempt to be the masters of our own destiny first.  Calling on God only when we have done what we can first and “now God you can finish the job!”  Wanting to follow God’s lead and actually handing him over the reins of our lives has often been two separate decisions.  This active choice to lead into the headwinds of our life, i.e. a move, starting a business, supporting parents and children alike,  with God placed firmly in the rear has inevitably led to exhaustion both physically and spiritually.  This has been our last 2 years and this is where we find ourselves digging out from.  To be so exhausted to finally give in and say “God I can’t take it anymore…it’s all yours.”Ironically He already knows this and saying these words is our last ditch attempt to say to ourselves we are in control.  What we have first experienced since hitting the wall is the patience of God and not judgement.    He quietly has stepped in front and takes on the headwind reducing the burden. There is never “I told you so.”  You then can experience an awakening of the holy spirit which renews you physically and spiritually.  We continue to let ourselves be lead and actively choose to use our energy now to fight the urge to lead along with help.  Re-connecting with a church and actively seeking out opportunities to serve is also an important part of letting God lead by leveraging our spiritual gifting’s.  We now try to approach each day with the goal of trying to see God in action as opposed to seeing ourselves in action.  It is a process and sometimes a battle but God remains ever patient.  The perfect Father to stubborn children!