Ben & Gaylene

Our prison ministry began in Manitoba at Milner Ridge Correctional Centre several years ago.  We became involved with this ministry through a friend who is the chaplain at the Correctional Centre. We went every two weeks and presented the message of God’s love and forgiveness.

We also had the opportunity to follow up with one inmate we had ministered to. After he was released we connected with him and saw how God had not only worked in his life, but also in his girlfriend’s life.  They both started to attend church with their children and did the Alpha course together.  It was so wonderful to see how God had changed them and how He was working in their lives in many different areas.  There might be those who fall back but their are many, many exciting stories of how God has changed lives.

When we moved to Kelowna almost two and a half years ago, we became involved with Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship Ministry.  We, along with a team of anywhere between 4 to 8 volunteers go up to Kamloops Corrections Centre one Sunday a month.  We do three services, which include singing, a message and a short time of visiting with the inmates.

We feel so blessed that we can be used by God to help these men realize, through our testimonies, of how God has changes our lives, and He can and will do the same for them. These men are broken and they need to know that they are loved, especially by God.

We are excited to be officially joining the KGF Church Family as members.