Jennifer G.

Hi, my name is Jennifer.

My story began with Lindsay Nicholson, an old friend with a great heart. She knew my background and told me all about KGF and to start by watching the live feeds if I wasn’t ready to be there in person. I took her advice and began watching.  Not long after, I met with Pastor Mike and knew I had found my home.

Pastor Mike made me promise to come to Christmas in the City and I did. I sat beside this wonderful amazing man named Ed that night. Already on my journey, Ed sealed the deal and the message that night changed my life.

In the new year, I started coming to service in person, and my daughter agreed to come as well. While my journey continued, her journey started. I had already agreed that I would try Alpha and my daughter also wanted to have the opportunity to ask questions and learn. Alpha is for everyone and everyone should do it. God blessed us with Wendy and Rob as our Alpha leaders and they were/are amazing people. Both have opened our hearts even greater and broadened our love to Jesus even more.

Just about a month ago, I woke from a dream which was unusual. Later I found out Victoria, my daughter, did as well. We were looking for a home in Leduc, AB. We looked at several homes via skype and upon looking at the last one, the people started outside, as they approached the door I stated that I did not require seeing the property, as I had already seen the house number and knew this was God’s work. This would be my home.

That same night, Victoria dreamt that she would go to law school, she was granted acceptance to the University of AB. All this came from God.

Finally, I was offered a position with the court’s highest court – everything in threes.

The baptism not only starts my life as one of God’s children but also a new life.

Thank you to Pastor Mike, Pastor Levi, and all the family at KGF – you are loved!