I am fortunate to have been raised by parents who believed in providing a Christian environment at home and who sacrificed to send me to a private Christian high school. I was received in the church through baptism as a child and I formally confirmed my faith in God and Christ in my early teens. I am married to Lucille for over 35 years and we were blessed with three children. Lucille and I have served the Church in various ways over the years. I have served as a church trustee in the 1980s. We became members of the KGF family in the spring of 2016.

My career as a Chartered Accountant in Manitoba involved providing accounting, tax and financial advice to businesses and individuals, as well as auditing and strategic services to several charitable and not-for-profit organizations. Later in the 90s I managed the Manitoba-Northwestern Ontario region of the firm and in 2001 I was selected as CEO of the Firm. This required the family to move from Winnipeg to Toronto where we lived until my retirement, and we moved to Kelowna in 2009.

Over the years I have volunteered on numerous committees and boards helping with financial matters as well as strategic planning, policy formation, risk management and business issues. I heard about KGF’s need for a Treasurer at the Fall 2016 congregational meeting and my offer to serve KGF was prompted by my attendance at the Confirm Your Calling seminars presented by Todd Ringness. I look forward to serving and helping KGF with financial matters.