Mel Metzger – Secretary

I grew up in a family that believed in God and His church.  We attended church most Sundays but I learned from my grandparents the true passion in living for Christ.   During our visits I witnessed my grandfather reading his Bible and praying during devotionals.  As a child I learned the true meaning of faith in God and the importance of prayer.   When I was six I gave my life to God.   From that day I realized the need for Christ in my heart at all times especially during the times when I stumbled and stepped away from God.

With my job in the oil and gas industry, I travelled extensively.  There were times when I felt alone.  My faith helped me through times when power, greed, money and self reliance became who I was.  God walked with me when I needed to make business and personal choices including the demise of my first marriage.  My Christian walk was a bit of a roller coaster but I always felt His presence with guidance through the Holy Spirit.

I married my present wife, Maryann, 11 years ago; and our life together has been blessed by the grace of God.   We have made God the centre of our individual lives, our marriage and our relationships with others. In 2010 we moved to West Kelowna where we have been blessed to retire.   During a Breakforth conference in Edmonton God told me to give his blessings back to others in the form of tithes, talents and time.  God has cleansed my heart and has asked me to share my softened heart with others.

Just over two years ago Maryann and I started looking for a church home that would allow us to grow in God’s word and in our faith.   God led us to KGF and has allowed us to become a member of what we consider home as we worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with our brothers and sisters.

Since we moved to B.C., I have been led to serve in numerous capacities at the Westside Foodbank, Freedoms Door and West Kelowna Community Policing Citizen Patrol.   I know this opportunity on the board of KGF is God directed and I will continue to honour Him as He directs and guides me.
I look forward to serving as a board member as I feel my life’s experiences, strengths, love for Christ and enthusiasm can complement the knowledge, expertise, visions and values of the KGF family.   I look forward to working together with the staff at KGF and trust that we can move forward as a team nurturing God’s plan for our church and our community.