Wendy Arelis – Spiritual Vision & Direction

Spiritual Vision & Direction

Who am I? I am a favored daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, loved beyond my comprehension.

Having left my abusive childhood home, I entered a marriage where I hoped to find love, peace and joy. After 7 years of loneliness, I called out to God whom I did not know and He heard me. I was invited to a “Life in the Spirit ” seminar where I gave my life to Jesus. Years of frustration followed as I read the Word and tried to obey. I had not understood what Jesus accomplished on the cross for me and continued to strive to find happiness.

My unquenchable hunger for a new life propelled me to find prayer meetings, teachings, preaching messages, books and any other resource available. I am ever grateful to God for leading me to reliable people and places where I could grow in my faith. Inner healing became my focus as I came to realize that I struggled with religious, poverty and victim mindsets.

Gradually, I learned how to pray more powerfully by agreeing with God’ s Word and renouncing lies I had been believing. As the Truth renewed my mind, I became more confident. I embraced my identity, authority and power that I had in Christ. My trust in His faithfulness grew as I experienced trials like cancer, divorce and death of a granddaughter.

He has always been my strength, provider, and encourager even when I felt disqualified by my “failures.” At my lowest points in my life, He has sent me out to minister to others and amazes me with His wisdom. Fully surrendering my life to Jesus has been a slow and gradual process, but I am eternally grateful to Him for His unconditional love and commitment to me. Overcoming fear and learning to trust God as a good Father has been an ongoing process in my journey. He continues to present opportunities to me to challenge my fears and experiencing the breakthroughs to freedom are life giving.

I have a passion to give away all that I have learned where ever I go. Sharing the victories from my testimony brings encouragement to others.

The Lord never ceases to bring divine opportunities to share my “God stories” whether at work as a nurse, travelling or going about daily activities. I love to partner with Jesus, living as His ambassador.

I am blessed with 2 beautiful daughters who are married and love the Lord. They have 5 amazing children with another due in April.

As a family, we moved to Kelowna in 1982 and I am grateful to have been able to raise my girls in a wonderful faith filled church. Two years ago, I felt it was time to move. I was invited to attend KGF which is basically next door to my home. The love of God was so evident as I experienced such a warm reception from old friends and new.

I am honored to be asked to serve on the board as Spiritual Vision and Direction. This is a new opportunity to learn and grow. I want to serve the Lord in whatever way He leads me, so I am trusting Him for wisdom. Thank you.