KGF Family Meeting – Monday October 30, 6:30pm Congregation Gathering

Twice a year our church family gathers for the specific purpose of celebrating God’s faithfulness and prayerfully planning for where we sense He is calling us.  These are significant and important meetings, and we would invite you to mark your calendar and make plans to be present.  All welcome!  Monday October 30th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the HUB @ KGF.  You can watch video from the March 6, 2017 AGM here:

Download October 30 Agenda & Documents here: KGF Congregational Meeting Handout – Oct 2017

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October 30, 2017 at 6:30 pm at KGF Church

Following Jesus Together

6:00pm HUB open for Coffee / Tea / Desserts

  1. 6:30pm Worship and Prayer Time / Prayer Canvas
  2. Call to Order (Chair Wayne Laurie)
  3. Approval of Minutes – AGM, March 6, 2017
  4. Praise Update – Senior Pastor
  5. Board Report – Board Chair
  6. A Very Special Thank You!
  7. Financial Report  – Treasurer & Executive Administrator
  8. Human Resources Report  – HR Board Rep & Executive Administrator
  9. Proposed Amendment to Constitution – Change in Quorum (See below)
  10. Nomination for 2018 Board:  (Read their stories here)
    1. Board Secretary – Todd Ringness
    2. Trustee – Robert Bruce
    3. Spiritual Vision and Direction – Brian Penner
  11. Vacancies for 2018
    1. Board Chair
    2. Nomination & Discernment Committee – Three
    3. Performance Review Committee – Four
  12. Facility Report – Time for Expansion?
  13. Stephen Ministry Presentation
  14. Open Microphone
  15. Closing Prayer
  16. Adjournment


Proposed Motion:

With the growth of KGF and wanting to ensure effective, timely and responsive membership meetings it is proposed the establishment of a quorum for Members Meetings be updated. The present wording of the Constitution reads:  “The quorum for the transaction of business at any Members meeting is 20% of the Members.”

The KGF Governance Policy and Members Meeting Procedures reads:  “Quorum shall be called at the commencement of the meeting, and may be called during the meeting.  If quorum fails, the Chair shall allow a reasonable opportunity to meet quorum.  If quorum cannot be established, the meeting shall be adjourned to a future date, at least three weeks hence.”

Motion:  That on the recommendation of the Board the KGF constitution be amended to allow for a change in establishing quorum for Members meetings. That the new wording for the KGF Constitution be as follows:

  • The quorum for the transaction of business at any Members meeting is 20% of the Members.
  • If at the time the meeting was scheduled to commence a quorum is not present, the meeting shall stand adjourned for 15 minutes. If after the 15-minute adjournment a quorum is still not present, the members then present shall constitute a quorum, and the meeting shall proceed, and the only items to be voted on are those previously announced and published leading up to the meeting, provided that if there is at least 10% of the members present.

NOMINATION FOR 2018 BOARD (Read Testimonies here:)

Proposed Motion:

With the growth and complexity of KGF the Board requested that the Nominating Committee seek to identify and bring forward the 2018 nominations for the Board for the 30 October, 2017 Congregational meeting, for appointment in March 2018, so that we would allow for a four-month transition and turn-over for new Board Members.

Announcements of these vacancies were posted May 14, 21 & 28 and June 11th.  Nominations were received by the Board on 25 September 2017 and posted 1 October, 2017.


On the advice of the Nomination Committee and on the recommendation of the KGF Board: Brian Penner be appointed as Spiritual Vision and Direction Board Member, Todd Ringness as Board Secretary and Robert Bruce as Trustee, on the rise of the 6 March, 2018 AGM, all for a three-year term”.

Download October 30 Congregation Meeting Agenda & Documents here: KGF Congregational Meeting Handout – Oct 2017