“The Remarkably Ordinary Christian Life” Who do You Think You Are? Part 11

There is an assumption hanging in the air of our contemporary culture that true Christianity is all about “the extreme, the emotional moment, the passionate choice, the mountaintop experience”. There is ever and always a constant push for personal revival. Your journey into Christian maturity is often assumed to be too slow, too ordinary, too lacking in immediate and measurable results. If you want to please God, you’ve got to reach beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. I hope that as we wrap up our series on Ephesians, you are able to hear the letter as affirming the ordinary Christian life, that its call to growth isn’t a call to instant transformation, but rather an encouragement to live your ordinary life in the hope and promises of God laid out before us in Jesus Christ. We are not building the kingdom of God, we’re receiving it. Watch the full message from Pastor Levi Simpson here

Download message manuscript here: Who Do You Think You Are – Part 11 Ordinary Life Levi Simpson