Word for 2018 – LISTEN –

Each year we walk on one specific word throughout the 12 months.  This year 2018 that word is “Listen”.  What would it look like if we woke up each day “listening” to the voice of God and having the courage to obey?  We asked our friend and artist Shari Laurie to create a visual to remind us.  Here’s a bit of her journey. 


When asked to create a visual for Listening, I resisted the urge to paint a multitude of attentive ears and megaphones. I knew in my own life that hearing God involved my heart recognizing his voice much more than my ears.  In listening to God you actually have to close your ears to all the worlds competing voices.

I starting researching “soundwaves”, which were the closest thing I could find to visual sound. They were wonderfully abstract and beautiful and begged to be painted in colour. So I decided to include a suggestion of the soundwave for “I LOVE YOU” behind the word LISTEN, figuring that this would be the base point for anything God wanted to say to us.  I then painted in gold the soundwave for a heartbeat over the Word listen. You may have to draw close to really see this! (The same with hearing God.) The word LISTEN  becomes sandwiched between God’s voice and our own hearts.

Shari Laurie