“People At The Crossroads” Easter Series @ KGF Starting February 11

What happens when you find yourself at a crossroads? You need to make a decision. You need to pick a path.

We are inviting you on a 7 week journey to Easter alongside 7 individuals who encountered the crossroads of Jesus on Good Friday. From Judas and Peter to Pilate and the thief on the cross. The women who followed Jesus to Calvary to the Centurion who declared he was no ordinary man.

Welcome to a series we are calling “People At The Crossroads”. The interesting thing is their story may become your story. Because all of us must make a choice of which path we will take when faced with Jesus.

Join us @ KGF Sundays starting February 11, 9:00am & 10:54am and live online, www.kgfchurch.com/stream