People At The Crossroads Part 1: Judas – When Jesus Disappoints

Welcome to our new series “People At The Crossroads”. We wanted to pause on this journey to Easter to look at 7 people who encountered Jesus on Good Friday, at the Crossroads. Each of them had a choice. Each choice was a decision that led them to a different destination. And perhaps you and I can learn from them, from their crossroad experience. Perhaps their story can change ours.
We begin with a person who is so central to the Easter story for his role, and yet often misses our attention. Judas. We can’t say his name without filling in, “The Betrayer”. But before he betrayed, he was a disciple. Before he agreed to turn Jesus over to the religious leaders, he spent three years following Jesus everywhere he went. He was one of the 12 chosen by Jesus. What happens to turn a disciple into a defector? To turn a beloved into a betrayer?
Here’s Pastor Mike Penninga with Part 1 of our series, “People At The Crossroads”, and a message entitled “Judas: When Jesus Disappoints”.