Easter Reading Plan – February 14 – April 1, 2018

As we journey towards Easter, we are making 2 Scripture Reading Plans available.

The first is focused on the Gospel accounts of Jesus “Passion Week”.  You can download it here:

Easter 2018 Gospel Reading Plan

The other a Psalm and Gospel reading plan for the Lenten and Easter Season prepared by our very own Pastor Levi!  It’s an abridgment of what you might find in the book of Common Prayer and offers a wonderful journey through Mark and John.  There are also some suggestions from the Psalms that you can read in morning and evening!  These readings can bracket or ‘sandwich’ your times in the Word.

If you find it is impossible to read patiently and unhurriedly, focus on what you can prayerfully and quietly digest rather than feeling you have to finish your readings for the day.  Ultimately, the goal for the guide is not simply that you finish it, but that your time in the gospels and psalms would remind you of the work of God accomplished by Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Come to the readings as to a place where you will have a holy meeting with God. Listen to what he is saying to you. Read playfully, prayerfully, leisurely, attentively, imaginatively and, of course, obediently!  Consistently engaging the Scriptures is key to knowing God. I hope that you will fall more deeply in love with God as you immerse yourself in his story and that you would find your own place in it.

Download Pastor Levi’s Easter Reading Plan here.