Steve R.

Born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and blessed with wonderful parents married 66 years. The greatest influence in my life was my dad.  My father displayed love for his family, friends and community just by his daily walk. Revered by the people who knew him and his caring, loving attention towards children.

During the years 1980/81, I had brief career in the RCMP. While in Port Coquitlam God opened my eyes to the good and evil presence in this world. One favoured memory of mine is that I frequently observed a young athlete jogging. This unknown man was different because of the prosthetic leg he sported.     Lest we all remember Terry Fox.

Upon returning to Southern Ontario I worked in the printing industry for 27 years. A day to day struggle in balancing work, a dysfunctional marriage and loving family. God’s calling became evident in March 1996 when marital separation came knocking and our first born child was only 6 weeks conceived. In my brokenness I cried out to Jesus. Twas then I restarted life as a Born Again follower of Jesus Christ. God restored the marriage for another 17 years.

Starting in 2007, a series of 3 close family deaths almost a year apart placed me in the position of being the family’s go-to Eulogy guy. A few years later, in January 2013 my job of 27yrs died in bankruptcy. April, 2013 my mother passed away and in June 2013 a weak marriage of 25 years ended.

It was at this time I relocated to Kelowna in July 2013 with my youngest daughter, Andrea.

Hobbies include; rooting for the Toronto Maple Leafs, photography, billiards and the odd road trip around beautiful Lake Okanagan.

I consider myself God’s work in progress and I continue to grow with my youngest daughter, alongside Mission Creek.

With a deep passion for Jesus, I faithfully look forward to working beside my new Kelowna “Good News” Family. Blessed by those who have strengthened my walk with Jesus since my birth.

Thank You