Caleb McAlpine Stepping Down as Worship Ministries Director

Our Music Ministries Director Caleb McAlpine met with the Executive Team (Mike, Levi and Jeanne) Thursday March 1st during which time he submitted his resignation effective March 15th, 2018. We are incredibly sad to see Caleb move away from his role on the team and in our family, but understand the reasoning behind his decision.

Caleb began volunteering in Worship Ministries in the Spring of 2014 and then joined our staff team (originally as an intern) in September 2015. He has been such a gift to all those who have worked alongside him as well as our church family.

Here is a note from Caleb to our church family:

With respect to the health of our music ministry and my own personal welfare, I have decided to step down from my position here at KGF. I began volunteering here in the spring of 2014 — approaching four years ago, now — and have been grateful to partner with this staff team through many experiences since. This is a decision that Lana and I have made prayerfully over the past year and it is not an impulse — for our own sakes, we believe that I need to close this chapter of my life prematurely. The choice was not made because of any one event or because of a relational lapse (you are all — and will remain — very dear to me), but in respect to the observable incompatibility of my personality/strengths and the needs of our music ministry and church. I look forward to hearing about the future of this church and continuing relationship outside of this context. Thank you, all.

Caleb, we wish you all the best as you move into the next chapter on your journey. Though we are sad to see you go, we support your decision and pray for peace, wisdom and joy for both you and Lana as you discern God’s will moving forward. You are loved.

David Barbour is three months into a twelve month internship @ KGF in Worship Ministries (15 hours / week) and he will continue in this role.  We will be meeting in the coming week to formulate a plan and next steps, and ask for your prayers, that as a church family we would Listen to God’s voice and directions for what next.

KGF Executive Team

Mike Penninga, Levi Simpson, Jeanne Acheson