Pastor Mike Announces Resignation from KGF Church Family

To KGF Congregation

Sunday March 25, 2018

When we started this series “People At The Crossroads” 7 weeks ago, I didn’t realize how personally appropriate that metaphor would be.

I find myself at a crossroads of a different kind, one that has been brewing under the surface for a long time.  For the past 12 to 18 to months I have been struggling with some of the realities of unique challenges of leading a team required by a church of this size.  As a result, I have spent more and more time outside of my personal strengths and giftings.

Over that time I have felt a growing awareness that perhaps God was moving me towards a new chapter in my life, one that could bring me back into my core giftings.  I wasn’t sure what this may look like or when this might take place, but about ten days ago, that internal pull was met with an external opportunity, much quicker than I anticipated.

Today I am letting you, the KGF church family, know that I will be stepping down as Lead Pastor of KGF as of the end of April.

This is my own decision and not one that KGF, the Board or others are asking of me. My decision to resign was obviously not arrived at lightly or without much prayer and many conversation. But I do have peace.  My desire is to continue to use the gifts God has given me for His glory.

This new season of life & ministry will not be in a local church, but in a different arm of God’s kingdom, in Christian education.  I have accepted the position of Director of Advancement and Spiritual Care at Kelowna Christian School and will work as part of their Senior Leadership Team, beginning August 1.  Our 3 kids have attended KCS since Kindergarten.  We love the school and what it stands for, and I’ve been given a pretty unique opportunity to help shape this community for my children and ultimately thousands of other students & families.

I’ve so enjoyed the incredible privilege of helping lead and shape this local church family these 9 years.  I have grown tremendously in my love for you, the people.  I will miss KGF.

But just as I am moving into a new chapter personally, I am confident that God has a new chapter and a new shepherd for this church family.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our series to start 2018 was entitled, “I Will Build My Church”, and included a congregation time of Listening Forward.  Nor do I wear this wristband, “Listen”, lightly.  God speaks.  And God is always sovereign.

I am so grateful for the love shown me by the Congregation, Board and Staff over these years.  I have enjoyed so many parts of my job and will reflect back on these 9 years with fond memories and amazing experiences.  It has been tremendous to watch God breathe new life into this church family, and I am confident of exciting new seasons ahead.

I pray that the good kingdom work that has taken place, the lives that have been impacted, the mission partners that have been helped, and the favor of this church family will be remembered and celebrated.  But I do believe the best is yet to come!

Mike Penninga,

Please join us Sunday April 8, 6:30pm in the HUB for a KGF Family Forum to share with Pastor Mike and speak about what lies ahead.