Aaron M.

I have written my testimony in Rap, which can be read as you listen to this song.

Started Out reading the bible lately

We are the children of God

So I see The Old Testament as in the womb

Met my tomb in gloomy ruins

Of my torn soul

Anger lives within me like a hot coal

Learning to find the core God instilled

Was baptised as a baby I’ll say an egg

Reading through Psalms now first time reading the bible

Learning slowly but surely God has no rival

I was living a life full of denial

Failing every one of life’s trials

Lost as a child never fit into crowds

My Mother would say now that she is proud

My Mom says people used to say Hi Aaron everywhere we walked

Inside I was suffering like a New Kid On The Block

Grew into a drug experimenting teen

Couldn’t really see through the nightmares clouding my dreams

In my Larvae stage I wrote and tore the page

Daemon’s rattled the cage

Ego set the stage

Into my adult years

Tears pain and fears entering my pupa stage

For addiction and pain

Going insane

Spiritual Malady made hot coals like hail and ash rain

Severing relationships and taring down goals

Like totem poles faces changing erasing the face God gifted to me

Lately I see more clearly the Adult Caterpillar I would like to become

Gotta finish the bible and rise up God’s Son

Through praise amazing Grace

No longer Shakespeare setting the stage

But get Baptised by choice

Do lent treat this body and soul like it’s lent

Pay dues and rent for all the ways I am blessed

I wouldn’t exist nor be happy in this life without God’s new found presence

Time to rebuke my Sin

Take the steps to find God’s breath

Flowing through the cool breeze in the trees on a warm summers eve

Bow to my knees when I need to see more clearly

Again where I stand crawl before none of flesh and bone

Freely give up my spirit and soul

Beg and pray for Wisdom Knowledge Understanding Guiding Providence Empathy

Learning to be free so when my wings sprout I can imagine them to be an Angel’s

Recognize this true love I sought only in fables

Satan’s time’s up time to turn the tables

Can’t contain these feelings

Aaron M.