Youth Re:Action to Spring Mission Trip

Here are some reflections from our students who went on the Spring Break Student Missions Trip

to Columbia Bible College and then to downtown Vancouver with MB Mission, to serve the poor.

We are so encouraged how God met our team and how He taught us so much. Read on to find out    More!

I wanted to start by saying thank you, thank you Marcus, for everything in the last few years, and for making this trip a reality. Thank you also to Devan, Steve and Jess. I was so excited to go to CBC to finally meet all the people my sister has told me about. Immediately we all felt welcome and I could feel Gods presence on campus.

I came into the trip on a good platform with God. However,  like we hear often, I was not keeping up on my devotionals and things besides what was required for DT. Over the course of the week, we attended classes which really resonated with me. The first night during a weekly worship service held at CBC called “Vespers”, during one of the songs, I felt this overwhelming warmth and energy. God spoke to me saying that “this is where I need to be” to take it all in and serve him in new ways this week. I had before this, never felt God’s presence.

Later into the week in the hike, we spent a few minutes in solitude, and I kept being reminded of the verse “be still and know”. One thing about me is I’m not quiet; the more you understand that, the more you know me. However, once in Vancouver, I decided that I would step back and just listen, which was interesting as the whole theme of the week was listening for God’s voice.

When we visited UGM, there was a recovering man off the street named Dave. He spoke of how he has endured so much, like cancer where he was told he had 3 months to live 7 years ago. Shows the power of our God. Throughout the rest of the week, I listened. I stepped back, and listened to what God was saying to me and through me, and through others. I learned a lot about myself and how lucky we are compared to some of the sad, lonely people in Vancouver. And the sad part is they are all around us. I thank God for this experience and look forward to what god has in store for each of us in the future.

Levi F.

I wanted to take a minute to thank Marcus so much for all the work you and the other KGF leaders have put together for this mission trip. It was a trip of a lifetime. I got answers from God and have grown in my faith. When we first started off our mission trip at CBC I was really angry at God and confused with him, for making me go through what he’s been making me go through, but along the way during all the scripture readings and prayer time I learned that God makes us go through things for a reason and that if we fully trust in him and put our faith in him that he will heal us and provide for us.

As we were doing our solitude during the hike I felt God say to me “everything is going to be ok, I will take care of you my child. You don’t have to be in this alone ” and as he said that, the sun was shining through the clouds and I felt a sense of comfort and peace. I’ve experienced God and his love for me in a brand-new way. I grew so much closer to everyone in our DT group and all the new people we met along the way. My eyes were fully opened to how lucky and privileged me and my family are. I enjoyed playing an active role in helping people and serving them. I appreciate everything you do, Marcus, for our DT and youth group. Thanks

Maddi B.

Throughout the 4 days we were out learning and serving, God really wanted me to hear how important listening is. Listening isn’t just hearing, it is understanding how something is being communicated and doing something with it.

I was in the Woodwards building where noise was everywhere. There was a piano being played, water flowing, people playing basketball, and the hustle and bustle of people’s lives as they walked through the building. By stopping, sitting down, and taking it all in, I could find the quiet and could feel God’s presence. And so, I listened. I tried new things, spoke to new people, stepped outside of my comfort zone and learned an unimaginable amount of valuable lessons from God.

This experience will forever be remembered and I thank KGF church, Columbia Bible College, MB Mission, and Westside Church for providing me with this experience.

McKenna C.

I went on this mission trip because I thought God wanted me to teach the homeless, but what I soon realized was that God wanted me to be taught as well.

While at CBC we got the opportunity to join a class taught by Ron Friesen,and he taught on relationships. The lesson we heard was on words and their impact on people. We were taught that every word is either a lie or truth and that words have power to build someone up or tear them down. I soon realized that my words were impacting people in a negative way, so I prayed that God would help me become aware of my words before I say them. I soon “forgot” what I had learned while I tried to help the homeless in Vancouver, But God had other plans for me and what I learned.

We were walking back to the dorm “sensing the city” as an exercise, when God sent a man my way. I had walked past this man twice; the first time I was going into a store and I ignored him because I thought he was weird and crazy, but the second time God opened my ears to hear what this man was saying and he said: “if words could kill people they probably could”. And after he said this I was in shock because I realized what impact my words have, and also that the words of a stranger could have such an impact on me and my life.

Bradley M.