Alpha for Youth having impact

This year, at my school – KSS, a group of students started a club called Alpha. You learn lots of things about Jesus and Christianity while watching the videos, like how to pray, how to read the bible and stuff like that. I go every Tuesday and I have found the videos really helpful and I’ve learnt a lot of helpful little things to grow in my faith.

Being a part of Alpha is really cool, I get to hang out and talk with people who have the same beliefs as me, and in a school of almost 2000 students, it’s hard to find people like that. Though I don’t necessarily talk to everyone that goes, it’s still awesome to know that you’re part of a loving community and I feel welcome in that environment.

I’ve learnt quite a bit of stuff, some that I don’t remember, but lately we’ve been staying on the subject on the Holy Spirit and one of the most recent videos was about how to let the Holy Spirit into your heart. I found that really helpful since I’ve been struggling with not being able to hear God for awhile. Though the videos are pretty surface level, they are also pretty deep at times, if that makes sense, and have helped me with tips on how to listen to God and about how to either create a relationship with God or grow deeper in your relationship.

I’m so thankful that Marcus decided to bring this series to our school and also for bringing us pizza every Tuesday 😁