Asher in Palestine

We visited these people at their farm yesterday, and it broke me. To see their anger and frustration at having all their rights stripped from them, even being forbidden to collect rain in order to have drinking water, all for the sake of control and oppression…it was like standing in Mordor. Creation has been stripped of its goodness in the name of greed. I wept openly.

In this country, a person who stepped off the plane from another continent has more right to the land than a person whose family has lived here for a millennium, and that inequality is enforced with the cruelest of violence. Yet, in the face of such evil, many of our Palestinian friends have a depth of Love that allows them to see a neighbor and a cousin in their oppressor. They see how oppressing another human eats at your soul, and they mourn for these soldiers who lose their humanity even as they strip humanity from the indigenous people of Palestine. I have learned so much from them about the depths of Love which Fear can never hope to match. Fear is the rooftop water tank. Love is the well.

Yours in Peace,


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