Women’s Delight Retreat

Testimonies from DELIGHT

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I came home this last weekend from my time away feeling so blessed and filled with joy. With a busy life at home, I left last Friday- retreat bound –  needing to let go, recharge and truly experience the delight that God wants for us but ended up being completely blown away. Along with delighting in life with women, time with God, and in late night laughter and fun, God also showed me just how much he delights IN ME. Our speaker, Heidi Mclaughlin, set the stage for understanding the true meaning of Delight. I am so thankful for all the women there and for the others who shared the vision for the weekend. Can’t wait for next year!

Lindsay N.

The women’s retreat was so much more than I expected. The accommodations were actually quite nice for a camp, and the food was out of this world. (Eggs Benedict for breakfast the first day, are you kidding me?!) So much love and prayer went into the planning and it was evident. The atmosphere was so welcoming and everyone was so happy to be there. I connected with God in in so many ways; the prayer walk was revealing, the worship was glorifying, and the message Heidi brought was inspired. I will be back for sure next year and I would strongly encourage anyone else who is considering it to make the commitment.

Becca Hendricks

     I’ve always looked forward to these weekends away. A chance to unplug and connect with women, not technology. I loved hearing their stories, their struggles, and their journey of faith. This retreat was so well organized from beginning to end and the food was amazing. It was the perfect venue for worship, socializing, and to listen to God while being immersed in His beautiful creation. This weekend recharged me in every way and I’m so thankful to the incredible lead team for making this retreat happen!

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