Youth Leadership Wrapup

With KGFYouth coming to a close, a bunch of core youth leaders 

(“Youth Leader Executive”) gathered at the Kupidy’s patio last Tuesday night in Glenmore to pray, reflect, and dream about the 2018-19 youth year! We are so encouraged to see the maturity and diversity of this group of invested leaders, and the way they pour their creativity and commitment and passion into KGFYouth.

This leadership team exists to provide vision for the youth ministry, shepherding of our 15 youth leaders, and teaching to our teens through testimonies, messages, and hanging out together! Of course we don’t just “use” these leaders—we equip! Everyone was given a copy of “Emotionally Healthy Leader,” by Peter Scazzero, so we can learn how to be sustainable, AND each was given “StrengthFinder 2.0” so we can learn our core strengths and serve out of them!

One thing that was very cool: we were able to walk through the proposed calendar for 2018-19 (in early June!…a record), and began the conversation of sustainability and how are we discipling our teens into Christian maturity. Together with God’s grace, and this amazing team of all-stars, Devan and I are, dare I say… “STOKED” (teen nomenclature) for next year and all that God might do in our midst. Isn’t God amazing? Amen.

Pastor Marcus