Grace Bell update

Hello KGF Church family and greetings from Redwood City, California! My name is Grace Bell and many of you know me as your child’s Sunday school teacher, friend from Converse or through worship ministry. As some of you know, I’ve taken the opportunity to be part of an internship program at Peninsula Covenant Church in California as a children’s ministry intern and day camp ministry intern. I am one of seven interns who will be serving the church community and Redwood City community for the next 10 weeks this summer. I’m very excited for the opportunity to serve, learn, and to grow in my skills, giftings, and character in a new environment. Although I’ve only been at PCC for a short while, I’ve learned so many things about myself, about what I believe, and more about God’s character and his purpose for me as a Jesus-follower.

Three questions were posed to me this week that has truly forced me to wrestle with what I believe. They are 1) Why does the church exist? 2) Why do we do ministry (children, youth, young adult, etc.)? 3) And how do I want to do ministry? These questions have challenged me to dig deeper and to consider my obedience regarding the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. These questions have made me think about the Kingdom of God and how I am a part of it.

Thanks for all your prayerful support as I take part of the internship! I will also continue to pray for our KGF church family as we go through some big transitions. Be blessed and encouraged in the name of Jesus, the King of all kings and the One who is faithful in all things.

Love, Grace 🙂