Grad BBQ Blessing

“There are some moments in your life you NEVER forget…the KGFYouth “Blessing BBQ” is one of those kinds of moments. Every year we gather our grade 12 grads, their families, and our senior high youth leaders, and provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to publicly bless their teens with words. This year, June 24th, we made our way to the Ken & Monica Ewert’s backyard, up upon the side of Kettle Valley, overlooking the beauty of Lake Okanagan. And there we feasted on a wonderful spread of pulled pork and sumptuous deserts. Following the bbq, one by one, each grad sat in a chair and was blessed. This never gets old. It is truly one of the highlights of the youth year. It was holy ground, as parents, who have spent 18 years nurturing and sacrificing for and guiding, now try to put into human words their love for their teens and the bright future they see for them.

I believe the words shared this day have been etched upon the souls of these teens for good, and in those times of trial, they will remember their parents’ faith in them. They will remember the Scriptures read over them and the love of the Father behind everything. Special thanks to the Ewerts for hosting and Shannon Ferch for helping oversee this event. Such a meaningful and moving culmination of the year!

Pastor Marcus.”