Grads and Dads

Grad is such a momentous occasion for any teenager, and this year at KGF we had around a dozen grade 12’s finishing up high school—our biggest grad class to date! June 17th was the day we celebrated as a church family this transition, what we like to call “Grads & Dads” service, for yes, it was Father’s Day as well. From baptisms to hearing who the grads are and where they are going, to a message about “Climbing the Matterhorn,” we commissioned our grads out into the world, and encouraged fathers to spend time with their children and let them fall and be there to help them grow in resilience. Afterwards, there was a special table in the centre of the HUB, replete with massive grad balloons, where our church family was able to meet the grads personally. How great to see people of all ages coming to the grads and encouraging them as they leap into the adult world. Truly we are an intergenerational church!

As we move on from this Sunday may we all remember the encouragement from the message, taken from the Book of Job. That we all need fellow climbers along the heights of life, for sometimes the slopes will be steep and it will be the gift of friendship that God uses to hold us up and help us onwards.

Finally, we honoured Jessica Smith, a youth leader that has just finished her TENTH year of shepherding teens at KGF! That’s a decade in the trenches of adolescence! Thank you Lord for her faithful service.”

Pastor Marcus.