July 5 Transition Update

This week’s update starts with a great question from a member of our church: “As a church, have we not already transitioned? Why not communally address this new chapter of ‘being’ KGF?”

Yes! That’s a beautiful perspective. We love that spirit: God invites us to evolve, adapt, iterate, and find new ways to apply our faith to the world around us. And now, more than ever, we are invited into that active participation. Our church is part of the “movement of aliveness” that is God’s global church, always in transition, always on the move. We get to ask ourselves what it means to “be” the church, no matter who is leading us. Thank you for that reframe! Transition isn’t temporary, it’s not about leadership alone — transition is a way of being the church.

Our latest updates:

  • 100 days of prayer: We are launching a season of intentional prayer to help us seek God’s will for KGF during our season of changes. In triads (groups of three), we are inviting these mini-groups to meet, chat and pray 10 times over the next 100 days. More info in our bulletins!
  • On Tuesday, June 26, we benefitted from having Dave Jackson walk our congregation through the results of our church assessment. With over 163 participants, the survey data was rich and interesting. Dave provided a handout which contained a condensed summary of some of the key points. (It was also Dave’s encouragement to launch the prayer triads, as part of our pursuit of God’s direction for us!)
  • You can welcome three new interim staff members to the KGF team! These wonderful individuals join the staff on a temporary basis to relieve some of the current workload, and provide leadership for the way forward. You can read all about them via this post here.