Second KGF Refugee Family is almost here

KGF will be receiving our next refugee family sometime later on this summer or early fall! This is a family of 2- a mother and her 11 year old daughter. Please pray for their safe arrival as they leave Lebanon and come to Canada.

The refugee team is looking for 2 living arrangements-

  1. For a KGF individual or family that would like to host them in a spare bedroom as a ‘landing place’ for the first few weeks to allow our family to adjust to Canadian life. Ideally in the lower mission close to bus routes.
  2. For September or October 1st a 1 year lease in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Again, close to bus routes.

Please contact if you have any information about a home for this family. You can also contact the church office – Pearl – at 250-763-6553.

Check out the MCC refugee sponsorship page to see more about the work of MCC and how our church is responding and filling this role.