Christ Caring for People through People.

For our Stephen Ministers, the initial training is over, the commissioning is completed and summer vacations are winding down. As visiting families and friends are headed home Stephen Ministers are ready to begin their caring ministry. In fact, a number of placements are under way and more referrals are invited.

We invite you to think about your life and the lives of the people around you. Are you going through a time of crisis or challenge? Do you know someone who is suffering from grief or loneliness? Is one of your friends struggling to find a meaning in life after he or she has retired or after all the children have gone? Could you or someone you know benefit from the care of a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers are not counselors or therapists; rather they are caring Christian friends who can offer a listening ear to help others through the tough times in life. Should you need a Stephen Minister or know of someone who needs their care you can make a confidential phone call to the church (250-763-6553 ) or email and our Referrals Coordinator will follow up in person. We ask that before making a referral of another person that you talk to them a little about Stephen Ministry and get their permission to contact the Church.

Additional Information is available at the church (and on our web page).