Junior High camp is kicking off the season

We are SUPER excited to head up our second Junior High camp at Morningstar (Grades 6-8). At camp, we will get time to connect with each other through team games, cabin time, and camp activities. This year we will learn about the character of God through the Bible. We will also get to hear how he’s worked in the lives of our Youth Leaders as they share testimonies.

You are welcome to bring friends…just let them know we are going to be not only having crazy fun but seriously learning about what matters: Jesus!

Travel Plans:
PLEASE HAVE DINNER BEFORE DROPPING OFF (We will provide Snack Friday evening)! DROP-OFF at Morning Star Bible Camp at 6:00 pm on Friday, September 21. PICK-UP at Morning Star at 1 pm on Sunday, September 23.

Cost is $90 (if you need subsidy, please email Devan)

Register here today!