After the congregational meeting

Hi church family! Kevan Gilbert here, KGF board chair. Sometimes it’s hard to put these updates together, because inevitably I find myself taking 2-3 hours to write them…after the kids have been put to bed…and the nature of the updates over this season, well, hasn’t been all “good news,” has it?

So I’m going to try something different: this update, I’m going to write quickly, because I want to help unleash the amazing perspectives coming out of our congregation meeting this past Sunday afternoon.

First of all, the turnout was inspiring. The Hub was so full, we were contemplating moving into the sanctuary. During “official” meetings like this, there are some bylaws about how much people need to show up in order for it to be considered a members meeting…we exceeded that number by 20%.

Secondly, I was genuinely amazed and humbled by the interactions and comments during the open mic. I was perhaps a little anxious in advance, not knowing what people might want to say, but what I saw was so refreshing — I was embarrassed for ever having been anxious at all. Our community’s care for each other shone through. We are so present-minded and others-focused. The questions that were asked were all about people caring for people: wanting to make sure Levi was being taken care of, that Marcus and his family were being taken care of, and people wanting to know if our refugee family was being taken care of.

What else?

  • We had some great conversations about attendance numbers, which are down significantly from this time last year.
  • Gilles gave a helpful financial update
  • We talked about progress towards new hires (like the transition role, and worship pastor).
  • We affirmed 2 new nominees for to join the board with an overwhelming “yes”
  • Levi and I asked each other three questions, and then we invited some table conversations on three topics:
    • How has this transition season been for you?
    • What has God been saying to you during this transition?
    • What are you hopeful for?

Galen filmed the event, so once that video is ready, we’ll make it available online so anybody who missed it can catch up. We can post the package of info (finance update, attendance numbers) at the same time.

I just wanted to say that despite this season looking nothing like what I expected when I joined the board in March, I have been consistently amazed at the way God is taking care of us, and the way we are all stepping into the call to take care of each other. Thank you for your love in this season. It’s beautiful. It’s church. The bride of Christ, in all her beauty, choosing authenticity, choosing love.


Kevan Gilbert
Board Chair