It’s important you know what’s happening in the life of the family at KGF. That’s why we publish a weekly bulletin, available Sunday in person, and by Thursday online.

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Download the Bulletin for November 11, 2018

We would love to get a clearer picture of those in our church family who can no longer get out to church on a Sunday morning.  They are still a part of the family and we don’t want them to miss out being cared for.  Would you help us?

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Pastor Levi has created a guide for us as we read Isaiah.  It is not a commentary but is meant to help you navigate the threads of Isaiah’s thought.  As you read Isaiah, read playfully, prayerfully, leisurely, attentively, imaginatively and obediently.

Consistently engaging the Scriptures is key to knowing God. We hope that you will fall more deeply in love with God as you immerse yourself in His Story and find your own place in it!

Isaiah Guide