Are you Experiencing Some Christmas Blues? Our Stephen Ministry Can Help

     Looking forward to Christmas for many is an exciting time. Making plans, gathering with friends and family, and coming together at KGF to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For some, looking forward to Christmas is, however, cloaked in angst and apprehension.

We are inviting you to pause and look around for those signs and forewarnings of loss, grief and separation that you might see in the faces and lives of those in our congregation and community.

We know you will be sharing the hope, the peace of Christ and maybe sharing some Christmas goodies to those who might be alone. We invite you to know that our Stephen Ministry team is meeting with care receivers, continuing their training and able to receive new care receivers.

Should you know of somebody struggling with life’s difficulties please share with them that there is a wonderful group of trained Stephen Ministers offering a listening ear, a time of prayer and a willingness to walk with them through tough times.

For those that might consider having a Stephen Minister or want to learn more, please gain their permission and pass along their name and phone number and your name and number to  Pastoral Care at KGF 250-763-6553 or email

We recognize that Christmas can be a very Blue time for some, and Stephen Ministry is one way in which we can reach out with the love of Christ.

Stephen Minister are trained to care;

  • Those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • Individuals who are terminally ill.
  • Close family members of those who are terminally ill.
  • People who are experiencing divorce (before, during and after)
  • Parents and families with children who have disabilities
  • People convalescing at home or institution after an illness or injury
  • Family members of someone homebound or in a nursing care center.
  • People with a chronic illness or a long-term disability
  • Close family members of those with a chronic illness or long-term disability
  • People facing birth-related issues such as infertility, adoption, an unplanned pregnancy, or the birth of a child.
  • People being treated for cancer.
  • People who have suffered a significant financial setback
  • People who have lost their jobs
  • People experiencing significant job-related stress
  • People experiencing spiritual crisis