Meet and Greet for Joel this weekend

Don’t forget to join us this weekend as we meet Joel, our candidate for Worship Pastor. He will be chatting and listening to all who come out to a coffee time on Saturday, January 5th at 7 pm in the HUB. This is our time to interact and listen to his vision for ministry here at KGF, as well as to let him know what worship means to each of us, and how we want to see it happen here.

On Sunday, January 6th, we have one service at 10 am, and the congregational meeting will be at 11:20 am – right after a 10 minute break. Please be ready to stay as a member, and vote to the question offering Joel the position of Worship Pastor here at KGF. Kid’s Min will have full coverage for the entire morning for all children, so check them in right at the beginning of church, and come be a part of the whole service.

You can download the Worship Ministry Job description here.

Worship Ministries Pastor job description

Sunday, January 16th, we will be back to two services at 9 am and 10:45 am with full regular Kid’s Min.