February Transition Update

Hi there everybody — for those who call KGF home,

I wanted to say thank you for your patience with us, as the KGF Board, and with our transition process overall. I recognize that it can feel slow, plodding, and perhaps frustrating. Levi shared that the slips of paper we filled out during a recent Sunday service showed a certain degree of readiness (impatience, perhaps) to move ahead with our next phase. So I want to honour that by helping share a recap of where we’re at, and a look-ahead to what’s next.

The short version
By our AGM (Mar 10), we hope to share our progress towards looking at our Mission, Vision, Values, doing some staff evaluations, creating a new position description, and designing the actual search process.

The long version…

Ron’s first transition update
Ron Toews, our transition pastor, began with us at the end of November. Since this time, he has met one-on-one with more than 60 attendees at our church, and also participated in many groups and gatherings — from Impact nights, to board meetings, to Stephen Ministry conversations, to staff meetings and more. Through his listening and conversation, Ron has captured a summary of his learnings so far. (Here is a link to this report!)

As a reminder, Ron was brought on as a behind-the-scenes support person to help look at questions of vision, structure and relational renewal in our transition. His voice/larynx challenges keep him from doing much public speaking, but as a resource in one-on-one situations, he has been immensely valuable. You can reach him at ron@kgfchurch.com if you’d like to arrange a connection.

Next steps and recommendations
Besides this report, Ron has also identified a few key areas he has encouraged us (the Board) to focus on, to help us move forward:

  1. Renewing our mission, vision and values. Knowing what guides us as church is crucial to making decisions about next steps. In line with this recommendation, this past Sunday we held a “KGF Conversation,” to delve more deeply into our mission, vision and values. The evening was beautiful, and helped us see ourselves in a new light. (You can click here for the “summary poem” from the evening.) What we hope to do is use this night’s information to review our current mission, vision and values, and see if any renewed or updated language is needed going forward. We hope to use the upcoming AGM (Mar 10) to present these shifts if any are being recommended.
  2. Conducting pastoral staff evaluations. A helpful part of the mix in our “what’s next” conversation is to help gain a sense of how our current pastoral leadership is functioning. Ron has agreed to help kickstart an evaluation process, with Levi as the first evaluee; this process is underway.
  3. Create a new position description for future lead pastor role. Being able to publish a new job posting requires a new job description. This will bring together the new perspective we’re gaining from our Mission, Vision and Values, as well as some valuable insight from Ron having delivered his first transition report. It will help clarify the type of leader being looked for — this will be shared with the congregation once it is available.
  4. Design the search process. With an updated Mission, Vision and Values and position description approved, we’ll be able to design a process that delivers the right outcome.

This means that by the upcoming AGM (Mar 10), we’ll be in a spot that will allow us to share progress we’ve made towards renewing our Mission, Vision Values, progress towards an updated position description, and towards having a search process ready to roll.

In the meantime: We have our new worship pastor, Joel Lise, starting work on February 15! Please give him a hearty welcome.

Our staff continue to do an amazing job leading the church through this season of waiting and transition. We’re so thankful for the leadership of Levi Simpson during this time, who has carried a heavy share of this load. We’re also grateful to have Marcus Schmaling back at full-time capacity this month, who will now be able to share some of the preaching as Levi takes a much-needed rest. We invite your prayers, support and encouragement for the staff.