Springboard: Recapping our KGF Conversation

At our KGF Conversation on Sunday, February 10, more than 110 people gathered at tables in the Hub between 3-5 pm, and explored “What does it mean to live in into our Mission, Vision and Values as a church?”

As a reminder, they are:

Mission: To know Jesus and make Him known
Vision: To create places of belonging where people discover Jesus and are equipped to follow Him together.
Core Values: Grounded in the Bible, Guided by the Spirit, Growing in prayer

We asked each other where we ourselves live these items out.
We also asked where we’ve seen others at KGF living them out.
Through this, we heard amazing stories of the service and love that generously flows out from this community. It was a beautiful collection of stories, from India to Greenland, from nursing homes to schools, of a community on mission.

And then we asked: what do these stories tell us about our mission, vision and values?

As tables shared from around the Hub, we heard beautiful perspectives. As phrases occurred that had the ring of poetry to them, I wrote down snippets in my notebook. The result was a poem that captured the spirit of what the room was sharing that day. Here it is:

Springboard: A summary poem

We belong.
This is a welcoming home.
The heart of it is
connecting with people.
A community mentality.
Stepping up as a church
to bless others.
Actually serving others.
We live our lives
in service of the community.

More room to grow.
Ready for the spirit
to partner with us.
It was our values that
got us through the storm.
Outward moving,
vertically growing,
Love is the rock.

The passion and the bragging
(about each other’s love and service)
came out of those values.
Knowing Jesus,
making him known,
is catching.
That’s how he gets known
again and again and again.

We have so many servants.
Like a very strong patchwork quilt,
strong, growing, as an
active community.
Not transition, a
springboard into something new.
Spring is coming.

We value hospitality.
Welcoming new people.
A sense of belonging.
Community is the first step.
No-one is on the sidelines.
Each of us are invested.
It happens in community,
not on our own.
It doesn’t become real
until you’re out in
Jump right in.
The welcome is warm,
(thanks to Michelle and Pearl).

Creating safe places
where healing can happen
in non-judgmental ways.
Locally, and the chance
step up globally.
We have people ready
to pour their hearts out.
Where can they sign up?
We sense the holy spirit moving.
A testimony to the
health of the church.

We have roots.
We have wings.
Soaring into what
God is calling us to.
Becoming an
inside-out church.
Sent out into
the world.
Outside the church.
My goodness,
What are you doing?
Look at all the trails of
what we are doing.
No pastor,
no problem.

Once you are fed,
move it into
across the ocean,
and across the street.
People who belong,
creating places to belong.
Once we feed
it only leads
to where it’s not safe.

It’s the start of some new perspectives towards renewing our Mission, Vision and Values — you can read up here about how this fits in to the rest of the picture.