Announcing the launch of the KGF Pastor Search Team

After almost a year of the Lord keeping us in a posture of listening to what He is teaching us as His people, the KGF Board feels released to begin the process of searching for a new lead pastor. To that end they have begun the process of appointing a Pastor Search Team whose task will be to identify, for the Board, a suitable candidate (or candidates) for the role of Lead Pastor of Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church. Once approved, the Board will, in turn, present the preferred candidate to the congregation for final approval. We are excited by the level of interest we’re seeing in the position before we’ve even advertised it and invite you to join us in praying for discernment.

The role of the Pastor Search Team to prayerfully seek a preferred candidate who is a spiritual exemplar, has biblical depth, equips disciples to do the work of Jesus, is relational, demonstrates commitment to Anabaptist understandings, holds a master’s or comparable degree in pastoral theology, and is or can be credentialed by the BC MB Conference of Churches within one year of employment.

To this end, the Board will appoint to the Pastor Search Team (PST) a chair, two Board members, and three KGF members, with transitional pastor Ron Toews as ex officio. Among the qualities the Board looks for in potential PST members are gifts of leadership, spiritual discernment, people who are filled with the Holy Spirit and wise, able to engage theologically with candidates, and who as KGF members have a strong grasp of KGF as a whole.

The Board will provide the PST with a Position Description for a Lead Pastor. The PST will develop a searching method and materials (church profile, online advertising, screening, communiques for keeping the congregation informed and praying, etc).

We invite the church to persist in prayer for those who will serve on this search team, that the Lord will direct them to one who will become our Lead Pastor.

KGF Board