Dear KGF Family,

The Board is pleased to announce that Phil Wagler has been confirmed as the new Lead Pastor of Kelowna Gospel Fellowship. Thank you to everyone who participated in this process, including the Pastoral Search Team who worked tirelessly to bring us here. The congregational meeting and vote on Monday, June 24th was a wonderful time to gather as a church community unified under Christ. It also marked the beginning of a new chapter in the life of our church. Here is a message from Phil:

Jen and I are humbled by the invitation to join what God is doing at KGF.  We are excited and amazed at the way the Spirit has led, confirmed and woven things together and look forward to being with you in the weeks ahead.  Please know you are growing daily in our hearts and prayers.  Pray for us as we feel the anticipation and emotions that come with new adventures.  And, pray for KGF as we together know Jesus and make him known.

Phil will “soft start” with KGF starting July 15th. This will give him and his family time to transition to life in Kelowna, and connect with the KGF community. Phil will start working from a distance 5 hours a week in July, move to 28 hours a week in August with greater Kelowna presence as their family gets settled, and on September 1st he will be full-time.

Your continued love and support of this family is greatly appreciated especially during this new chapter. You will have more opportunities to see Phil, Jen, and the family and get to know him better in the coming weeks and months.


The KGF Board

Get to know Phil

If you haven’t had a chance to get to know Phil yet, here are some resources: