Gardom Lake Ministry Update

Greetings from Gardom,

I hope all is well, this was our hottest week by far this season.

We had another great week! What a joy to participate in Kingdom work, sharing the Gospel, Discipleship, and developing future leaders. Seeing young leaders as they grow, learn and lead is a true honour. Although it is not problem free, the bumps are always opportunities for the most potential growth. The 163 campers and 77day campers who came to Gardom this week were fantastic, they were full of energy and were very involved in all Gardom has to offer.

Our Speakers this week were Chris Neufeld from Alberta (Gardom Lake alumni) who spoke at our main camp. Chris always comes extremely prepared, is creative, and his love for campers and staff is always a highlight here at Gardom. Melanie Baldwin a local speaker engaged campers at our Encounter All Girls week. They both did a great job sharing the Gospel clearly and connected well with our campers. We had 56 first time commitments to a relationship with Jesus and 68 recommitments to putting Jesus first in their life. Thank you once again for your support and prayers as we see God’s Spirit work.

A note on camperships, I am pleased to share that we have enough funding for all the campers that have applied for camperships. A huge thank you to our community for this support. One area we are short on funding is for staff scholarships as we did not receive our government funding this year. We are short about $20,000.00 – please consider donating to staff scholarships, and pray the necessary funds come in.

Please continue to pray for the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of our staff, extra energy as we are deep into our second half of summer and safety for the kids. We love that we have a community that is praying, supporting and encouraging us through the summer, thank you.


Rikk Kieft

Executive Director Gardom Lake Bible Camp