Hi church,

My name is Kevan! I’m board chair at KGF right now. I’ve got four kids, a full-time job with a company called Domain7, and I volunteer to help our board, staff and community at KGF lean in to the Mission, Vision and Values we’re all about.

Our board meets every month, to walk through updates on our ministries, our finances, staffing, and help make decisions that keep things moving forward. Minutes of these meetings are available at the church office (drop an email to office@kgfchurch.com if you’re ever curious), and we want to get into the pattern of regularly providing a story-style summary of where our church is at, each month.

Here are some highlights from our last board meeting (Oct 28):

  • Lead Pastor Phil Wagler is beginning to explore some ideas around re-imagining our staff team structure and position titles. No firm choices here yet, but the initial thinking helps put emphasis on the “co-creative” element of our Mission, Vision and Values. Rather than seeing our staff as people who simply “do the work of ministry”, we can see them as equippers and facilitators who draw out the ministries of all of us, in all our spaces. (Because really, you are the church! The people of KGF who live out lives in the community. You, coming alive in your calling. That’s ministry! So how can ‘church’ play the role of equipping you?)
  • Our technical director, Galen Bond, shared with the board some visuals and project plans for adjustments to the sanctuary to help improve the acoustic experience, the lighting, and the livestream experience. Funds for this have been being strategically saved since 2018 towards this project, and the Board approved this project to go-ahead beginning in 2019 for completion by 2021.
  • The board is saying goodbye to a couple board members this spring, and are seeking new nominations for the board. If you know of folks are spiritually sensitive, mature leaders, consider recommending them to the nominating committee. You can send a note to Carol Runzer with your ideas: ccrunzer@gmail.com
  • Our existing policies, and some elements of our constitution, are beginning to get out-of-date. With a new MVV, and new team members, it is time to revisit some of our existing approaches. The board is looking to make some time in the new year to workshop some new approaches for existing policies.
  • Pastor Levi remains on his long-term disability leave. Pastor Phil has been able to meet up with him several times to stay connected, and Levi and Shelley remain appreciative of the church’s support and prayers.
  • The board is presently in budgeting season, with Gilles Chaput (Treasurer) working closely with staff to prepare 2020 budgets. This is challenging, in many ways, as we are experiencing a decline in giving, but an uptick in vision clarity. We feel in a healthy space spiritually and directionally, but it is not reflected financially. We remain prayerful as we move through this phase, and are aiming to be transparent about the pressures and trade-offs with the congregation.

Congregation Meeting: Behind in budget, and pursuing a gorgeous vision

We recently had our bi-annual congregation meeting at the beginning of November. This was a valuable evening to check in with each other and hear where we’re at as a community.

Joel helped anchor us by opening with the song, “Be Thou My Vision.” It reminded us that through our conversations about Mission, Vision and Values, it is truly the face and will of God that we are seeking. The last verse stood out to me as we closed the song:

“Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise / Thou mine Inheritance, now and always / Thou and Thou only, first in my heart / High King of Heaven, my Treasure Thou art.”

I felt a little choked up as this line was sung. Speaking of treasure, I knew that later in the meeting, we would hear an update from our board Treasurer, where we would be sharing that so far this year KGF is showing a deficit of about $90,000. The song helped reorient my own perspective that it’s a relationship with the originator of the Universe that is truly our treasure.

We moved into a short presentation from Phil about our Mission, Vision and Values (MVV), recapping what we’re about as a church. From there, we held conversations at our tables about what is starting to make sense (or not make sense) about our MVV so far, and what we might want to keep paying attention to. What stood out there was a strong sense that Spirit has been moving, that our community has been stepping up, and that there is tremendous new clarity and excitement about what’s possible, especially as we move outward as a church.

The financial statements for the nine months from January 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019 were presented by our Treasurer Gilles Chaput. He walked us through line by line where we’re at, and how our dips in attendance have also resulted in dips in giving

Jassie Kakoschke gave us an HR update, where we learned at Beth Schmaling won’t be returning after her maternity leave, and Colleen Enns will be ceasing her work in order to focus on her family’s health. We still have Levi on long-term medical leave, and Jassie shared a thank-you from Shelley Simpson for the congregation’s continued support and prayers.

We closed with a Q&A, where members got to ask questions about the ground we covered during the meeting. All in all, it was a helpful time to get on the same page about where we’re at as a community. We see that we’ve gone through a powerfully transformative change this year as a church, and that in many ways it has sharpened our understanding of what we’re about. It has also come at a cost, as we’ve lost participants, and are now experiencing reduced financial position. And yet we appear to be galvanized and inspired by a sense of the Spirit leading us.

And it’s into that I would encourage us to lean: how might we make bold, prayerfully-considered moves into our new future in this junction season?


Kelowna Gospel Fellowship as a church has been around a long time now. Yet something seems inexplicably fresh this season. Maybe it’s our new leadership, maybe it’s our new Mission, Vision and Values, but I think it’s not about us at all. I sense the wind of the Spirit is gathering something special. It’s not just KGF: it’s our time, our generation. There is renewal happening. A waking up. And that awakening means you, too. I wonder if you’d be willing to put aside some time after you read this to just go outside, for thirty minutes, and pray. Say, “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening…” …and then pay attention. How will you be called to participate? What is the unique calling God has for you?

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, send me an email at board@kgfchurch.com, and we’ll get it answered.

Take care,