50th Jubilee - What A Celebration!

KGF 50th FoundersWhat a great weekend!  Thanks to everyone who made KGF's 50th Jubilee such an incredible success.  I feel so blessed to be part of this church family, and appreciate learning more about how KGF became the church it is today.  I loved the banquet and meet and greet times, as well as all the photos through the years.  Sunday morning's choir was tremendous, and the authenticity of everyone who shared is awesome.  

Check out the webpage in the coming week for photos and videos from the weekend.  We'd love to get your reflections as well, so drop us an email, [email protected] to let us know your experience this weekend.  

Read Bob Gibson's and Olga Janz's reflection on the weekend here!

"Enlightening, Encouraging,Exciting"

What a weekend! Friday night was an eye-opener as I viewed many photos of pioneers and special events of the past. Helpful hostesses answered my "who and what" questions.  Enlightening indeed.

If Friday was the Appetizer then the Saturday night program and delicious turkey dinner at the Capri Hotel was the Main Course.

KGF 50th BanquetAs a new shoot it was tremendously Encouraging to hear many heart-felt and emotional testimonies from or about those who had been faithful down through the years through both the "down" times and the "rejoicing" times.  I was touched deeply when I truly realized I was a beneficiary of their vision and valued service.  I wish I had met the men and women pioneers.  For me the capstone of the evening was Pastor Larry Schramm's 3 point message to the church.


And finally, if the Saturday night was the Main Course then the 10/10/10 Sunday Service was the deliciously sweet Dessert. Exciting throughout.  I will never forget the sight of the pioneers standing in front of the Communion table and being recognized with a resounding standing ovation.  The voices of the special choir thrilled us all.  And then with pride we heard the passionate message from Pastor Mike Penninga on Deep Roots and New Shoots as he looked forward to the future.  But I found out we still weren't done.  An immense and beautifully decorated celebration cake awaited us in the gymnasium.  Yumm. And then we walked outside and viewed the planting of a beautiful red oak tree of remembrance. What a great final touch.   NOW, on to the future!

My heart is full!!

Yes, Enlightened, Encouraged and Excited

Bob Gibson

The weekend celebration we just had will be a highlight for a long time to come!  What a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary, and Thanksgiving too.  It was neat to connect with some old friends on Friday evening, and the banquet on Saturday was so much fun.  Of course I loved that my son Jeff sang for us all, and even though the corny Cornys went on forever, I enjoyed them no end.  It was a real hoot.  And Larry always does a great job.

The Sunday service was the best.  It was great to hear Ron Daku and Mal Braun speak again, and I loved the choir.  Also it brought back so many good memories to hear Rob sing, and then Marlene.  And of course we always love to listen to Pastor Mike.

It was a memorable weekend!

Olga Janz


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