Apologetics Workshop with Dr. Paul Chamberlain: Takeaway

Paul ChamberlainGetting to be a part of Paul Chamberlain's free apologetics workshop on January 29th and 30th was a real privilege. I really think it's important for us to keep refreshing our ideas about our relationship to the world; what our Christian mission is truly about. We all need encouragement and edification given to us on a regular basis.

At the heart it is, and has always been about people. Reaching lost, hurting and ultimately dying people with the redeeming message of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

In facing head-on the prevailing notions of the age we find ourselves in, we (with the help of men like Mr. Chamberlain) find that there are indeed excellent reasons to believe what we believe, as well as a strong foundation from which to share our faith and reason with others. The wonderful thing about God's Kingdom is that it holds up marvellously under any and all scrutiny. In fact, the harder and more deeply we look, the more reason we find to give God our sincerest praise and worship; our desire to ascribe glory to His name only grows!

What I appreciated particularly was Dr. Chamberlain's attention to pluralism, or neo-universalism. He clearly demonstrated that all virtually all thought and philosophy is inherently exclusivistic, and not just the Christian faith. As such, we as Christians can point out to the pluralist that we both make exclusive claims on what we believe is true, and that at this simple but meaningful touch point we can move our dialogue further along toward the message of the gospel.

Here's a collected list of videos of our time spent with Dr. Paul Chamberlain:

Apologetics Workshop Part One | Q & A Period

Apologetics Workshop Part Two | Q & A Period

Sunday Morning with Dr. Paul Chamerlain


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