Haiti Quake

HaitiAs you are aware, Haiti was struck by a major earthquake January 12th.  We need to be in prayer for the people of that impoverished nation, and the mission workers who have followed God’s call to help them.  My sister is connected with a ministry in Haiti called Heart to Heart, having served there several times.  She passed this email along from a friend of hers at the missions compound, Rebecca, which truly brings the reality of the situation to light.  Encourage you to read it, and then look for opportunities to help, www.samaritanspurse.ca, www.mcc.org, www.worldvision.ca.  Blessings, Pastor Mike.


HaitiI am at another mission using their internet.  Grand Goave was hit hard & our compound was severely damaged.  The quaks continue to hit us but they are less severe but strong enough that buildings continue to fall.  By nothing less than the grace of God the children living at H2H are alive & not badly hurt.  We had 4 kids in PauP and we have only found 2.  We are still looking desperately for Kaka (Renel's brother) & Emilio (Jay Michel's brother). Most of the exteral walls of the compound have colapsed.  The kitchen/dining room/guest house/depo has colapsed completely and the church is beyond repair.  We had 7 kids cleaning the guest house & they fell but we got them removed & they are only minorly scratched.  The ground is shaking as I write and I really shouldn't stay here long.  I hear the phone service should be up by next week but I don't know that for sure.  I will make a huge effort to come to this mission daily to connect with you.  Please pray for us.  Pray for strength.  We can't go into any buildings so we are all sleeping on the open area in the compound. People are starting to travel between towns and since last night news is coming to us about the deaths & the devastation of our family & friends.  Amos' wife was killed when the building she was in colapsed.  Lookens' mom as well. Pastor Luc & his family are fine.  Many others  have died or are badly injured. We are still very much in survival mode.  Our food depo is completely buried, along with all our cooking pots, etc.  We have borrowed & scrambling to buy food locally.  I connected with the UN this morning & they have promised to return this afternoon with their Commander.  We need your prayers more than I can tell you, we are struggling.  We know we have been covered by the grace of God as it could have been so much worse for us.  We are all praising God for his mercy and we know he will continue to care for us. 

Please tell my family that I am ok.  I am worried about my parents as they were on a cruise in this area.  Please let me know if you hear anything about them.  Rebecca

Read more about Heart to Heart online here: 

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