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ShariLast year I painted the journey to the cross, and I had wanted to find time to add the final piece...the resurrection.  I wanted to make the statement that Jesus died for the world, but that was not all . He he also rose for the world. I wanted to show the stone rolled away,  and  superimpose the continents on the front of the painting. What became most important to me,  as I painted was the urge to show how the resurrection affected the  world. I wanted it to be like setting a transforming power free... Kind of like energizing and shaking up every thing.  Scripture says their was an earth quake..I would like to think that the earthquake was really an Earth quake. It was world shaking.

When I think about what resurrection means to me, it is all about choosing to live with that that perspective or not. You make the choice to recognize the power of the resurrection or not.  My first experience with Jesus in the stairwell of the SFU  library, 42 years ago, was one of joy. A zealous Campus Crusade guy had explained the plan of salvation to me with the help of a handy little booklet called the Four Spiritual Laws. It  had stick figure drawings and little pictures of thrones and crosses  It made just perfect sense to me to put Jesus on the throne of my life. Looking back on this decision, it seemed so logical so unlike me. However the crazy  joy that followed and sustains me today defies logic. 

Not many families have lived though the experience of resurrection. Seven years ago, on Boxing  Day,  our son Mikel and wife Sarah were  on the beach on Phi Phi island when the tsunami hit.  The beach condos collapsed around and over them, and some how in the swirl and the chaotic power of moving water and debris, they both managed to shout Jesus save us And he did...... They both had thought they were dead.  

At home in Kelowna watching the news of what was then  previous day's devastation with still no news from our son,  I remember kneeling on the the stairs and saying to God,  well, Lord...either way, if they die  they get Jesus, and if they live they get Jesus. They are in your hands.  But  if you can work backwards in time, please save them. I so feared we had lost them.

An hour or so later, my older son's  cell phone rang, and he heard an operator say, will you accept a collect call  from Mikel Laurie. He ran up the stairs and handed the phone to me and I could hear the very alive voice of my son, telling me as he looked over the tsunami, he knew that if he died  he would be with Jesus and if he lived he would be with Jesus. They are too many miracles in this story to tell right now...but literally it was a resurrection story the Laurie Family will never forget.

We currently have close friends that are in the middle of a journey with newly diagnosed, cancer in their 14 year old son. Yesterday I  read that the last news was not optimistic, but they are choosing to live in the risen power of Christ with all knowledge of God's  great healing. I may not know what to do or say, but I do know what to pray.  It is all about choices.  This Family is in His Hands. Jesus is healer. Jesus did rise for all of us.  This is real

Romans 8:11-15. message trans.
My favorite part.....God's Spirit beckons. There are things to do and places to go!
This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave- tending life. It's adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike "What's next, Papa?"

<>< Shari Laurie

Watch the video of Shari's testimony here: 

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